Voox DD Cream

Conditioning cream formula magical combination of Sun, skin color. Soft flesh up and absorbed tough noena provides easy-to-adjust skin color, uniform conditions. UVA and UVB protection phiochakrangsi merged with red algae extract and vitamins A, C, E, in the form of Encapsulate, you can reach the skin is deeply gives clear and strong phiokrachang allows you to protect your skin with care.

Cream color can be adjusted to your skin and skin temperature overheating of the body. Do not change color during the day, cover, smooth. Nature. 

-Foundation is the secondary areas cover smooth light. Not cause it. 

-Makeup Base combination in a single tube, white, pink, purple, from the Green base and orange sparkle skin page. See healthy skin Add dimension to your face look bright. suit every skin color. Don't worry about the color of the base. Anymore.

-Deep routine with Moisturizer cream, red algae and vitamins A, C, E in Encaplulate, you can nourish your skin cells to reach deep.

-Anti aging Process of produce by Spidersilk with advanced biotechnology one of the worlds from Germany by the country's unprecedented innovation in Germany. Help raise the tension, tighten skin Out wrinkles 

-UV Protection (UVA & UVB) rays from the Sun to enter the cover surface of high quality.


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