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Shop Pakistan carries only the finest & most popular As Seen On TV infomercial products. Guys brings you the most popular TV commercial products at low prices and fast shipping. Non-televised products are also sold on this website. All product-related descriptions and claims are solely made by product manufacturer.

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Titan Gel

Product Code: mh113
Price(Rs) : 3,000/-


It Is A Very Unique Product Made From A Very Powerful Secret...

V-Tight Gel

Product Code: wh101
Price(Rs) : 3,500/-


B-Virgin Female Organ Tightening Gel in Pakistan |Female Org...

Goji Cream

Product Code: h1024
Price(Rs) : 2,500/-


Hendels Garden Goji Cream (Anti Aging) Goji Cream Price ...

Largo Cream

Product Code: mh108
Price(Rs) : 2,000/-


Largo Male Organ Enlargement Cream - Male Enhancement Supp...

Voox DD Cream

Product Code: b1002
Price(Rs) : 2,500/-


Conditioning cream formula magical combination of Sun, skin ...

Jaguar Power Enlargement Cream

Product Code: mh112
Price(Rs) : 2,500/-


Jaguar Power For Men Cream is An All Natural Formula Which H...

Maxman Delay Cream

Product Code: mh103
Price(Rs) : 3,000/-


Maxman Cream is a sex time delay cream for men. Made In USA....

Spanish Gold Fly

Product Code: h1006
Price(Rs) : 2,500/-


Looking For Women's Pleasure using Natural Enhancement? ...


Product Code: b1003
Price(Rs) : 2,500/-


Caboki is a breakthrough product for hair loss sufferers tha...

Micro Touch Max Trimmer

Product Code: b1018
Price(Rs) : 4,500/-


Micro Touch Max: If you are tired with those common shav...

H20 Mop X5 Steam Cleaner

Product Code: hw101
Price(Rs) : 8,000/-


H2O Mop X5 Is The Third Generation Of The H2O Mop. H2O Mop X...

Sandhi Sudha Plus

Product Code: h1008
Price(Rs) : 2,500/-


Sandhi Sudha Plus Joint Pain Relief Oil is an authentic Ayur...

Hot Shapers Belt

Product Code: cf101
Price(Rs) : 2,000/-


Hot Shapers in Pakistan Hot Shapers in Pakistan Is A...


Product Code: h1049
Price(Rs) : 3,500/-


OrthAyu – Joint Pain Relief | OrthAyu Balm is a bal...

Black Mask

Product Code: b1017
Price(Rs) : 2,500/-


Get The Best Black Head Remover For Your Skin Black Head Re...