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Model Town Park Lahore

The Model Town Park (former Nawaz Sharif Park) is a family park and also a golf course located in Model Town, Lahore, Pakistan. It was developed in 1990 by the Governor of the Punjab, General (R) Ghulam Jilani Khan.

Address: Model Town, Lahore, Pakistan ‎.

History: The current Model Town Park was a dedicated residential area for the elite before partition as Hindu Lawyers and Doctors had their housing in the area covered by what now is Model Town Park. After partition during 1967 most of the houses were sold as the area was still outside since at that time Walled City of Lahore was considered the main residential are and it would take hours to reach area designated as Model Town now. The big circle in center now serving as Model Town Park is still as green as before. During 1990 it was part of the original plan but was developed by Governor Punjab General Jilani. This circular park is surrounded by the inner circular road of Model Town.

Achievements: It was declared the best park of 2007 in Lahore by the Forest Minister. About 5000 people daily visit this park.

Area: Model Town Park is one of the largest public parks of Lahore consisting of 125 acres (0.51 km2) of land. People from all surrounding towns visit Model Town Park, as it offers a 2.5 km long circular jogging track, lush green lawns and serves as a social meeting spot.

Attractions & Activities:

  • Human Development Forum: Human Development Forum, a forum of intellectuals of Model Town, including Dr. Ahmad Saeed, Dr. Akhtar Jafri, Qazi Javed, Prof. Imtiaz Ahmad, Prof. Tanvir Sadiq and others, arrange lectures on every Sunday morning in this park near the canteen on any topic related to public life. A large number of morning walkers attend these lectures, which is a tradition that has continued for many years without fail, regardless of the weather.
  • Walkers Group: There is a proper 'Walkers Group' who hold tea parties and dinners among themselves. They have even printed a directory of all these walkers with their residential addresses and telephone numbers.
  • A Rose Garden, a Chambeli Garden, and a Families Corner near the lake with flower beds and swings for the children. A small water area is also there for paddle boating. In addition a well know cafeteria is also present in Model Town Park serving all sorts of Lahori snacks.
  • Annual Flower Show: An annual flower show started in 2008; prizes are given to best houses (flower-wise), Malis, etc. Mayor Lahore, Mian Amir Mehmood gave away the prizes to the residents and staff in 2008 and 2009.
  • The park has a beautiful pond with a fountain in the middle that shoots water high into the air. Many benches surround the pond where people can sit and watch water flow.

Tribune of March 16, 2013 – Model Town petition -- High Court Stops Commercial Projects: The Green Bench of the Lahore High Court [LHC] on Friday stopped Model Town Society [MTS] from proceeding with three commercial projects on the basis that trees would be cut and green places in the area would be commercialized. Justice Mansoor Ali Shah stopped the J-Block Commercialization Project, the Liner Park Commercialization Project and the Model Town Park Commercialization Project. The MTS had approved these projects at its Annual General Meeting [AGS] on December 12, 2012 and construction had already started at the Model Town Park. Justice Shah granted a stay and issued notices to Model Town Society’s president and secretary, the Environment Protection Agency Director General and the Cooperation Society Punjab Registrar for March 29. The petitioners, Tanwir Ahmed and Advocate Uzair Karamat Bhandari, both residents of Model Town, had submitted that green spaces were of utmost importance and use to the people of Lahore. They said the Tourism Development Corporation of Pakistan had declared the 125-acre Model Town Park as one of the 10 best parks in the Punjab, visited by 5,000 people daily. The petitioners said the MTS had illegally approved a shopping mall, an office and entertainment complex to be built under a public-private partnership on 55 kanals of land in J-Block. According to the petition, 600 kanals were to be given to a private party on 15-year lease for setting up four restaurants in a corner of the park. The petitioners said AGS has awarded 10-15 year lease for a children’s amusement park on 44 kanals. The petitioners alleged that many members of the Model Town Society had not attended the Annual General Meeting and that hundreds of trees had already been cut in February for the J-Block project. The petitioners said the J-Block nursery had also been damaged and tractors were being used to clear the area. They prayed the court to declare the commercialisation projects illegal and permanently restrain the MTS from attempting to commercialise green spaces. They prayed that Pakistan Environmental Protection Act and the requirements of Environment Impact Assessment should be considered before such projects were undertaken.

Nation of Jan 11, 2013 – Model Town Park: The Model Town Society has played a nasty trick on those coming to the park for the healthy activity of walking and jogging. The entry fee has been doubled for non-members as a New Year gift. This is against the orders of the chief minister who has waved off the entry fee to parks in the city, including the race course park. Previously, everyone visiting the Model Town park had to pay an entry fee of Rs5 and car parking fee of Rs20. Even then many visitors thought the parking fee was exorbitant. But from the first week of January the entry fee for non-members of the society has been doubled to Rs10, while the members have been completely exempted from paying it. Similarly, car parking fee of Rs20 has now been reduced to Rs10 for the members, while the non-members continue to pay as it is. In other words, a member pays Rs10, while a non-member pays Rs30 for a visit. It is a simple act of extortion, highly discriminatory to the non-members. Another act of society’s highhandedness is that it charges full entry fee even from small children who visit the park with their parents. To encourage people to visit the park, the chief minister should instruct the society management to reduce the entry fee to Rs5, as it was earlier, and the parking fee from Rs20 to Rs10. Visiting parks is a healthy activity that should be encouraged rather than discouraged by imposing heavy fees.


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