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Go Aish Adventure Park is a theme park in Karachi, Pakistan. The park consists of Ropes Course, Paintballing, Quad Biking, Indoor climbing and Mini golfing sections. Go Aish is a company which specializes in providing quality and exceptional amusement & adventure services. Go Aish has a working collaboration with Lanove Centrum (Project Outdoors), a world renowned Czech Republic based company specializing in providing amusement/adventure services around all of Europe.


  • Monday - Friday 2:00 pm - 10:00
  • Saturday - Sunday 11:00 am - 11:00 pm

Rates - 2013:

  • High Rope Course -- Short Course Rs. 100 and Long Course Rs. 200
  • Paintball -- Rs. 200
  • Wall Climbing -- Rs. 100
  • ATV -- Rs. 200
  • Big Swing -- Rs. 50
  • Flying Fox (500 meters) -- Rs. 100
  • Monkey -- Rs. 50
  • Guerrilla -- Rs. 50


  • Flying Fox: Strapped safely in a harness and attached to a steel cable with a pulley, experience the challenge of launching yourself from the takeoff ramp and feel the weightlessness as you zip through the lake on our Flying Fox. It is consist of round trip of 500 meters long. Experience the rush and listen to the cable sing as you speed along The FLYING FOX is a fast, fun, adrenalin ride that requires a minimum level of instruction, so it is perfect for a quick thrill during your visit to the Go Aish.
  • High Rope Course: Participants traverse horizontally across activities/elements while safely secured to the overhead tracking system. The tracking system will be monitored by highly trained staff members. Participants have the freedom to choose their path and can pass other participants at the platform.
  • Paintball: Activity can be arranged in the shape of a corporate event day, stag party, birthday party or just a group of friends getting together to have a day of fun. After playing for the first time, a large number of participants are “bitten by the bug” and return on a regular basis or even take the step and try tournament paintball..
  • ATV's (All Terrain Vehicles) - Quad Bikes: Many racers compare the ride of the ATV in feel to dirt bike racing, and do it for a fraction of the price. The cost of entering into ATV racing is low enough that it is a family affair for many. ATV racing is based on age, weight of ATV and driver combined, type of motor and the experience of the driver. Ages of drivers of ATV are sixteen years and above. All our imported REVO 110cc ATV's are waiting for their drivers.
  • Wall Climbing: With you carried in a harness attached to a top-rope, it shall be a challenge for many to climb our wall erected on site, measuring 35 feet long & 35 feet wide.

Attractions - Children:

  • Monkey: Monkey consists of a series of monkey elements for children aged 4 – 8 years, who are boisterous and hyperactive and want to get their hands on each and everything that they see. Monkey consists of Cargo Net, Wobbly Ladder, Monkey Swing, Maze, Wall, Play House and Tunnel.
  • Guerrilla: Guerrilla is designed for children aged 8 -12 years, which are knocking on the doors of their adolescence and desire freedom. The series of challenging elements installed at Guerrilla provide an exceptional way in which these young can test their physical and mental capabilities and strengths. Guerilla consists of Kangaroo, Jungle Bridge, Tarzan, Dominos, Round Run and Equilibrium.


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