Mazar-e-Iqbal Lahore

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Mazar-e-Iqbal Lahore

God has blessed Pakistan with great people one of them is Allama Muhammad Iqbal. He was a great thinker a great philosopher and a great poet.He was born on 9 November 1877 and he died at 21 April 1936.He is buried in Lahore near Badshahi Mosque in a famous park called Hazuri Bagh between Badshahi Mosque and Lahore Fort (Shahi Qila). Pakistani rangers perform duty as guard at the tomb. The tomb is a mixture of Afghani and Moorish culture. There are two entrance gates eastern gate and southern gate. The grave is made of beautiful white marble the stone was collected as a gift from Afghanistan and exterior of the tomb is made of stone collected from Indian states Rajputana and Jaipur. The interior design of the tomb was made by an Afghani designer and Nawab named Zain Yar Jang Bahadur. On the grave verses of Holy Quran are written and in the interior walls the poetry of Iqbal are written. In short it is a beautiful place to see.

Address: Circular Road, Walled City, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan.


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