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Forest Cafe Lahore

Lahoris have always prided themselves in being food connoisseurs and now they have another tantalizing offering with the launch of The Forest Café, in a secluded lane off of M.M. Alam Road, the mecca of Lahore eateries. The Forest Cafe is set in a tropical forest atmosphere replete with tropical animals such as giant anacondas, gorillas, crocodiles and chimpanzee's moving about in life-like movements. The atmosphere is so real with and the soothing sound of the waterfall and crickets humming about, added to the sense of being in a tropical forest. I almost felt as if a muscular tarzan would come flying through the foliage any minute. Once you settle into this strangely comforting atmosphere you are treated to a plethora of tastes to soothe and please any pallete. There are dishes for the discerning taste of Lahoris, that only the best can please. Behind the scenes they have ensured that the best chefs who have had work experience at some of the best restaurants in Pakistan, are on hand to create magic on plates for you. There is a separate shisha lounge for hanging out with friends over some cappucino and an apple-mint shisha. There is something for all tastes, adults and children alike. The best pizzas, burgers, Thai cuisine for the well travelled clientele that has started frequenting Forest Cafe since its launch a week ago. For an experience like no other in Lahore, you must add The Forest Cafe to your regular getaway!

Address: 57-T Gulberg II Lahore, Pakistan.

Foodtype / Cuisine: Pakistani, Continental


Serving Hours: 12pm to 12 am

Phone: (92-42) 3-575-4646

Facebook: Forest Cafe

What Tribune Says About Forest Cafe: Lunch with the lions

 Forest Cafe


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