Coffee Tea & Company (CTC) Lahore

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Coffee Tea & Company (CTC) Lahore

- Coffee Tea & Company cannot have a description without talking about their amazing décor. It looks like a coffee and tea house transported from Britain straight to Lahore. Simply defined as Good-to-come-home-to-warm-cup-of-tea-or-coffee kind of ambience. Our menu includes breakfast items to an Italian and Mexican menu catering to lunch and dinner times. Coffees and Smoothies galore, we shall make sure you leave fed, hydrated and all warm and fuzzy inside.

Address: 38/3, MM Alam Road Gulberg 3, Lahore, Pakistan

Foodtype / Cuisine: Cafe, Chinese, Continental

Serving Hours: 7am-2am (Weekdays) 7am-2am (Weekends)

Phone: +92-42-35759135; +92-3214-045777

 Coffee Tea & Company

My attachment with CTC goes back to 2003 when I was studying for my A-levels and spent a few hours every week at the place. And then to 2006 when I started my Psychology degree. That was before the ridiculous increase in the prices of practically everything at CTC. In those days *distant Bollywood-style look*, you could get a huge cold sandwich at CTC for Rs. 70. You could get a super-loaded pizza slice and their amazing lemon iced-tea, all for Rs. 110 All their cold sandwiches are now priced at around Rs. 250. And a glass of lemon iced-tea now costs Rs. 160. Add a few more rupees for more flavors. Times have changed.
What makes me go back to CTC still is their amazing food menu though. If you’re looking for the biggest and most amazing hot-sandwiches served in baked-in-house bread with a dollop of battered fries and assorted dips to choose from, this is the place to be. Their Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich has become staple food for me. A picture is attached to help your virtual foodgasm. It’s an old picture, I know, but the sandwich is the same. Trust me.
Other items on the menu that are worth trying:

- Cannelloni Pasta (Rolled-up pasta stuffed with seasoned chicken, covered with a light, creamy tomatoeish sauce)
- Chicken Pepper Steak Sandwich (The Lahori favorite *heh* Pepper Steak, in a Sandwich)
- Chilli Cheese Fries (Fries, loads of cheese, loads of Jalapeno. So addictive that you can’t stop having them and you can’t stop crying because they’re THAT hot)
- Chicken Quesadilla (4 chicken tortilla wraps served with actually fresh salsa)
- Try their coffees too. They make a beautiful Cappuccino and their Hot Chocolates are friggin’ rich and a treat during winters. I was never a Starbucks person, so yeah, avoid the over-priced Starbucks menu heh.

What about other items to avoid though? Never, I say NEVER try a steak at CTC. You can try it though if you’re used to having paper-thin pieces of chicken or beef that taste like isphagol. Sorry, couldn’t come up with a blander tasting example. Do NOT try their breakfast. They say they serve bacon. That’s what they call 2 strips of fat on a plate. I wouldn’t pay poop-loads for a plate of eggs and toast in Lahore anyway. No thanks, I don’t want that complimentary glass of Nestle orange juice.
The service at CTC could keep you going back too. They’ve got really friendly waiters who remember your order most of the time and serve with a smile. One of them looks like Saeed Anwar. He’s adorable. One of them, Irfan, left the place and started working as a manager at Yasir Broast, Johar Town (LMAO). One of the managers, Sohail, is a really great guy and always at hand when you need something extra or for suggestions and complaints. You can spot him by his sharp, shiny head and frenchie.
by Lahori Khaabay


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