Bombay Chowpatty Lahore

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Bombay Chowpatty Lahore

Over the past 20 years Bombay Chowpatty has emerged as a leading ‘Desi’ food joint in Dubai, Kuwait, Doha and Oman. It has claimed its fame with its wide ranging variety of chaats and other Punjabi dishes. Here at Bombay Chowpatty flavor and hygiene both enjoy top priority. Bombay Chowpatty has created a lifestyle change towards hygienic food and has become an eating destination in UAE and other parts of the world. The location is trendy, maintaining an international chic ambience while at the same time achieving a fun and family friendly atmosphere. .

Finally, good dosas in Lahore I hoped excitedly, and idli too, maybe vadas as well. Since the only place in Lahore that served dosas before Bombay Chowpatty arrived was Chatkhara, and their dosas are far from their best offering. In fact, to have a good dosa is always on the list on a visit to Karachi, more so since Mirchi opened, whose dosas surpass those of Gazebo and Ponderosa. And the Haldiram’s dosas in Delhi alone make one want to hop across (if it were that easy). By Fareeha Rafique.

Address: 28 C/2 Gulberg III, Near Shell Petrol Pump MM Alam Road, Lahore, Pakistan

Foodtype / Cuisine: Indian, Pakistani


Serving Hours: Mon to Sun: 8:30am to 12:00pm

Phone: (92-42) 3-577-1677, 3-577-1678

Facebook: Pakistan/364941146906299"> Bombay Chowpatty

 Bombay Chowpatty


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