Chief Burgers Peshawar

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Chief Burgers Peshawar

Chief, the only best fast food restaurant in Peshawar offers a wide and varied menu to customers specializing in quality burger & chicken products. We now offer products that have appeal to all ages and tastes including the sizzling steak, Chicken cheese burger, special chief pizza and chicken chowmein to name a few. Chief continually strives to develop products that are innovative, price competitive and offer maximum enjoyment and convenience to customers. Recent technological investments such as the installation of new machines, ovens have ensured consistency of products and the development of new products to its menu list. .

Address: Fawad Plaza, Jamrud Road, Peshawar

Foodtype / Cuisine: Fast Food


Serving Hours: 10am-12am

Phone: +92-91-5844788, 5845638

Official Website: Chief Burgers

Facebook: Chief Burgers

 Chief Burgers

 Chief Burgers


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