Celeste Restaurant and Café Peshawar

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Celeste Restaurant and Café Peshawar

Celesté Restaurant & Café is the first restaurant in Pakistan and second in the world catering six major cuisines under one roof after the Pan Asian restaurant at the ITC Grand Maratha Sheraton in Bombay. The six major cuisines Celesté offers are Italian, Mongolian, Thai, Mughlai, Lebanese and Japanese with Mexican cuisine coming up right after this Ramadan making Celesté the 1st restaurant in the world to cater 7 major cuisines under one roof. Since the restaurant opened, they have maintained high standards of quality, consistency and outstanding taste. Customers know that every time they come to Celesté Restaurant & Café, they’ll enjoy great food and a comfortable family atmosphere. .

Address: Celeste Restaurant and Cafe, Near Iqra Chowk, GT Road , Peshawar

Foodtype / Cuisine: Continental, Italian, Thai

Email: manager@celeste.pk, info@celeste.pk

Serving Hours: Mon tot Sun: 11am-12am

Phone: +92-91-5843434

Official Website: Celeste Restaurant and Café

Facebook: Celeste Restaurant and Café

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 Celeste Restaurant and Café

 Celeste Restaurant and Café


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