National University of Modern Languages, (NUML) Peshawar

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National University of Modern Languages, (NUML) Peshawar

Create a positive and proactive educational environment where quality applicants as students, faculty of competent, dedicated intellectuals, and efficient administration and staff members make valuable contributions to knowledge transfer and knowledge creation Provide excellent, accessible and affordable learning opportunities including new trends in e-learning and information communication technologies, and educational experiences to serious and motivated undergraduate, graduate and professional students and researchers in the pursuit of knowledge in areas of personal, professional and special interest, thereby preparing them for their educative and productive roles and responsibilities as Pakistani and global citizens Engage education that imagines learning is inextricably connected to social change, and promotes co-curricular spaces as active seats of learning Cultivate the practice of highest moral and ethical values and principles of trust and authenticity, integrity and ingeniousness, creativity and critical capacity as attitude, conviction and compassion necessary for exercising civic courage, taking risks and struggles, and establishing social relations as preparation for public discourse and public life Encourage excellent, innovative research that posits the discovery, dissemination, and application of knowledge Promote language development across diverse seats of language learning, and an increased enhancement of diverse programs and disciplines and curriculum through emphasis on Technology and advanced information literacy across curriculum Enhance specialized market based courses and research opportunities in areas of Social Sciences, Mass Communication, Business Studies, International Relations, Engineering and its sub fields and Information Technology and other disciplines Create pedagogical conditions and spaces that empower both teachers and students with many ways of understanding the world, and consequently, engage in the creation of new knowledge, new ideas and practices that come with multiple references and can thus, mobilize their hopes for active participation in the global community and for the future.


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