Khyber Charsi Tikka Peshawar

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Khyber Charsi Tikka Peshawar

The food of Charsi Tikka is famous in Afghanistan and throughout Asia for its fine taste.
Charsi Tikka is a blend of Persian and Afghan cuisine, which offers customers a variety of traditional dishes brought together from different regions.
At Charsi Tikka restaurant, we heartily welcome our customers to a great deal of services in which most importantly is our high quality and strictly halal food. We have highly skilled and experienced staff that will deliver the highest degree of customer service presenting delicious and well cooked food in a clean, modern and traditional manner.

Afghan Food: Afghan food is based upon some of the chief crops of the nation like the cereals including rice, wheat, maize and barley. Some other dairy products like whey and yogurt along with fresh and dried fruits such as grapes are also used as accompaniments with these staples. Afghan food specialties truly reflect its geographic diversity and ethnic culture. Having similarities with some of the neighboring cuisines, Afghan food is one of its kind and also undeniably unique. Afghan food is considered as one of the most flavorsome of all cuisines. It is a well-documented fact that the varied tastes and spices of Afghan food form a unique blend of the various regions that are surrounding Afghanistan.
The spices used in Afghan food are neither too pungent nor too hot in contrast to the neighboring western countries. Afghan food plays a very important role in Afghan culture and needless to say that the food is influenced by the culture of the country. The Afghan food recipes are well cooked and therefore the Afghans take great pride in their unique cooking style. Creativity is a vital element of Afghan food that contributes to its wonderful medley of different tastes and flavors. In fact many western travelers believe that Afghan food is the perfect blend of good taste and exoticness.

Address: University Town, Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa, Pakistan ‎‎ ‎

Foodtype / Cuisine: BBQ , Sajji and Afghani food.

Serving Hours: 11am-1am (Weekdays) 11am-1am (Weekends)

Phone: +92-91-5850709

 Charsi Tikka


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