Trail 5 - Hiking Track of Islamabad

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Trail 5 - Hiking Track of Islamabad

Trail 5 begins from Margalla Road in F-5 (about 500m down from Trail 3 - opposite Judge's Enclave) and is initially an easier trail to climb. Trail 5 connects with Trail 3 (via Trail 4) and meets beyond Trail 3's viewpoint. If you continue on Trail 5 you eventually meet the Pir Sohawa road (33.7675°, 73.0771°) although it is possible to get lost on Trail 5 and veer too far east, ending up on the top part of Trail 6. Either way you'll eventually hit the Pir Sohawa road so it's difficult to get truly lost. From the top of Trail 5 it is 1.5km to the top of Trail 3 – hence you can do a loop, taking 3 – 4 hours. It is developed for Elders and Bird Watchers. Information Centre of CDA is there. Trail 5 is Full of Flora and Fauna of Margella Hills. Both Trail 3 & Trail 5 have large maps and guidance boards placed at the entrance.
Trail 5 in Islamabad is definitely one of the best places to visit on a holiday. Reasons, there are many. In my opinion it is the best hiking trail available in the city to start a hike, and serious hikers can always take a path that joins with Trail 3, leading to Peer Sohawa. Another reason for it being the best is its beauty, as a stream of water flows along the trail, cold and crystal clear. You’re never short of water, and when you need to rest, you can always stop by and relax with your feet in water.


- First Aid Kit
- Water and some snacks
- Camera

Hiking Book: Hiking-Around-Islamabad-1992

 Trail 5


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