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ARTCITI, a diversified virtual art gallery in Karachi Pakistan, adds flavour to this wealth by expanding local creativity and taking it to a global level. It provides an abundance of art by various artists, enabling visitors on the website to experience variety while selecting pieces best suited for them. From the classic works of seasoned legends to contemporary forms by refreshing newcomers, ARTCITI offers something to all palates. With its rich culture and love for art originating in the Indian Subcontinent's ever-aesthetic Mughal era, Pakistan is home to one of the finest painters and artists in the world. With names like Sadequain, Gulgee and Jamil Naqsh to its credit, Pakistani maestros hold their own place in the world of canvas and are acknowledged and appreciated across the globe. With one of the best art schools in the country, National College of Arts, Lahore, which dates back to the pre- partition era, the pool of Pakistani artistic talents is constantly joined by new and upcoming fresh blood that have their own signature touch. This young talent has immense capability to contribute to the world of art. While the classic maestros have made their mark in the country, they still have not been able to reach out to the world in an affective manner which has not allowed there talent to have a global impact. Similarly, a large number of new artists in the country have been unable to find a platform that they can use to present their talent to the world. To address this gap, Artciti brings the first of its kind international art portal for Pakistani art. This platform will bring the attention of the world to high quality work of our artists in Pakistan which will eventually help in realization of the true value of such high class work. This platform will also help in creating a ready secondary market where art lovers and collectors can trade their portfolio holdings. This additional secondary market platform may also be used to auction priced pieces, artist’s collections and star paintings.


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