Gourmet Grill Z Block DHA Lahore

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Gourmet Grill Z Block DHA Lahore

Gourmet caters fast pace and change of lifestyle directly proportions change in eating habits. Gourmet stands by to cater to these changing needs from its extended range of items ready to be served. maintain repute of highest quality and prompt services at very economical rates. Currently we are planning to cater to the growing demand of the public for Gourmet Restaurants in Lahore. .

Brand Philosophy:

The core idea behind Gourmet’s philosophy is to provide quality food and unparalleled service matching an economic level. Gourmet made an unflinching point to not break the rule of affordability considering market inflation over the years.


The Beginning

In 1987, in the oldest area of Lahore, Ich’chra; Gourmet had its humble beginnings in form of a small shop. The concept of fresh, healthy and hygienic food at an affordable price achieved quick popularity among bakery connoisseurs. Although, breakfast and bakery products were initially provided in limited areas; the over whelming support of its consumers convinced Gourmet to go for an expansion.

Planting the idea

Chaudhary Muhammad Nawaz Chattha, the Founder of Gourmet, started his journey with the unique concept of hygienic and healthy food for all. A significant milestone in his journey was when he planted the very idea of fresh bakery items at Shezan. It was there that he received the required expertise and experience for 11 years. Once fully prepared and equipped with the needed expertise, he stepped into the bakery world with his very own brainchild, GOURMET… a trademark meant to support and uphold the simple love for food!


Our restaurants and dining spaces are furnished to being both simple and comfortable. Set in a cozy environment, the restaurants are designed to create an atmosphere of simplicity and sophistication. Our restaurants provide a healthy environment for families and gatherings to convene in comfort and assurance of trust. We believe in providing relaxation to the point that you remember even when you exit the restaurant hours ago.


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