Mini Sewing Machine

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Mini Sewing Machine
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Are you tired of those heavy Sewing Machines, Which are so much expensive and too heavy. For small stitching task you have to set those heavy machines. Those heavy machines takes time to ready. Moreover those machines cover a lot space. After finshing your work you feel a lot trouble to set back those machines. You feel painful to move those machines from one place to another. Then we offer you portable and handy Mini Sewing Machine.
What is Mini Sewing Machine

Mini Sewing Machine is handy and light weight. You don’t need to worry about this machine. You can store it anywhere in your house. It will not cover a lot space. Moreover you can move it from one place to another anytime. It’s size is handy, even you can put it in your bag. Now no need to worry for set heavy sewing machines for altration or other small stitching tasks. You can use it anytime anywhere without facing any problem.
How Mini Sewing Machine Works

Mini Sewing Machine works like normal machines. If You are good in stitching then you can stitch complete suits with this tiny, handy and light weight Mini Sewing Machine. Works fast than handy machines.

How to Use Mini Sewing Machine

To use Mini Sewing Machine, place it on a table.
Attach adaptor pin with machine.
Connect adaptor to socket.
Attach foot paddle with machine.
Now you are ready to work with Mini Sewing Machine.
You can operate machine with foot paddle or push button.
All other features are same like other machines.


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