Micro Touch Max Trimmer

Rs. 2,000
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Category: Beauty

Micro Touch Max Trimmer
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Micro Touch Max: If you are tired with those common shavers and found most of them not fit for you. And those which are suitable for you are too much costly. You want to do multiple task for facial grooming but for this you need 2 or more shaver and trimmers. Most of them are costly and less results. So Now the time is to change those costly and shavers and trimmers with Micro Touch Max Trimmer.

Micro Touch Max Trimmer is a magical product which complete multiple tasks without any extra effort or money. You can use it to trim nose hair, ear hair. Also can use to shave your neck hair. You can use it to set your eyebrows. You can use it as shaver as well as trimmer.

Micro Touch Max can be used to remove unwanted hair from whole body. You can use it to remove facial hair, arms hair, leg hair. You can also set your beard hair with using comb. Using comb you can choose how much size of hair you want to cut. Using Micro Touch Max you will see that no single hair left behind. Micro Touch Max works neat and silently. Micro Touch Max blades are so sharp that no hair will escape from those blades.

Micro Touch Max Trimmer is suitable for all skin types. Both Men and women can use Micro Touch Max. Micro Touch Max is easy to use. Its rubber hand will never slip. NO need to worry from skin cut or damage during shave from Micro Touch Max.

You can use it anytime, anywhere. Just insert AAA battery and start your task. You will forget electric shavers after using Micro Touch Max. You can take it with you anywhere. You can use it while traveling or at your work. Just pick it, insert battery and job done.

Safe And Comfortable Personal Hair Trimmer Ergonomic Design With Non-Slip Grip Stainless Steel Blades Built-In Led Light Perfect To Use On The Go Battery Operated.


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