Green World Blueberry Juice Granules High VC

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Green World Blueberry Juice Granules High VC
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Health Review: Green World Blueberry Juice (High Vc) Online in Pakistan

Green World Blueberry Product Price in Pakistan - Green World Blueberry Juice Contains Anthocyanin Of Small Molecules Extracted By Low Temperature And High Interpenetration Technology, Add With Materials Of Vitamin C, American Cherry Extract Which Is Rich In Vitamin C And Diet Fiber, Can Participate In The Synthesis Of Immune Protein, Boost The Vitality Of White Blood Cells And Phagocytic Cells, Can Help Promote Human Body Immunity; Relieve Fatigue And Stress; Reduce The Damage Of Ultraviolet Radiation And Oxygen To Lentils, Then To Prevent Cataracts And Cancer, Ease Punctum, Protect Liver, Prevent Scurvy; Help Heal Wound, Boost Form Of Collagen, Make The Skin Smooth And Elastic, Thus It Is Excellent Supplement For Skin.

Benefits Of Blueberries

Promotes Healthy Vision 
Fight Sun Damage To Skin
Promotes Healthy Digestion 
Helps Improve Memory And Brain Function 
Helps Prevent Cancer 
Helps Prevent Heart Disease; Lower Cholesterol Level; Strengthen Cardiac Muscles 
Boosts Immune System 
Helps To Improve Mood: Antidepressants 
Helps Regulate Blood Sugar 
Decrease Belly Fat

Raspberry Extract :

They Contain The Benefits Of Organic Acid And Protein,salicylic And Vitamin A,b,c Complex. They Have Fiber And Are Loaded With Healthy Antioxidants. Anthocyanin, An Antioxidant Flavonoid, Gives Them A Blue Color. The Deeper Blue In Color, The Richer They Are In Antioxidants! They Are Low In Calories. One Cup Equals About Eighty Calories. They Are Known As A "Superfood" And Tend To Last Longer Than Other Varieties Of Berries.

Method To Use Blueberry

10 Gm Blueberry Mix In 40-60 Ml Freize Water Or In Juice And Also Mix In Boiled Water Max 400c And Use With Milk Or Water. If You Are Concerned About A Particular Illness Or Condition You Can Easily Target It With The Bluebery Which Is Right Combination Of Fruits And Vegetables In The Form Of Fresh Juice. You Can Visit Our Official Website About Blueberry Juice In Pakistan For More Informtion And Buy Online Through


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