Clothes to carry for a comfortable journey

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   By: Ayesha Ghafoor  Date:   

Clothes to carry for a comfortable journey Traveling is very exciting and what more exciting are the preparations prior to it. These include shopping for your journey, getting your stuff together, deciding what to take or what not to take and finally, packing. Packing is usually done at the eleventh hour because it is considered as a hassle. Every hassle becomes easy and organized if divided into steps. This can be done by making a list of things that you should take while traveling. The list should also be divided into must haves, essen....



Changing perceptions about online travel websites

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   By: Khalil Ahmed  Date:   

Changing perceptions about online travel websites With the wide adoption of e-commerce in travel and tourism industry, the internet has become an important channel for service delivery. The traditional travel agencies that devise the entire trip for the traveler, including tickets, accommodation and itinerary, are still widely functioning in Pakistan. Apart from this, travel service providers are also shifting towards online service. This can be seen as a positive initiative as the internet usage has majorly increased nowadays. ....



Things to Consider While Selecting a Hotel

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   By: Aslam Khan  Date:   

Things to Consider While Selecting a Hotel What is the most exciting part about traveling? Well, you get to go on a vacation! Even if it’s a business trip, you can always take time out to have fun at a new place. Of course, there are several things connected with traveling that you want to experience or achieve. Flying out to a new destination, exploring some amazing tourist spots, witnessing and living the inspiring cultures, indulging in local activities, trying out traditional delicacies and building some everlast....



Modern Villages of Pakistan

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   By: Ali Khan  Date: 15 March 2016  

Modern Villages of Pakistan Whenever we hear the word village, the only thing that comes to mind is ‘rural life.’ Especially if it’s a Pakistani village, it is seen as a poor area of the country where there is nothing but poverty and lack of basic necessities. However, a village is a village because of its small size of area and population. Villages are typically perpetual, with fixed dwellings that are close to one another. There is no place that is more cultural and has more historic traditions attached to it than....



Why Investing in Tourism is Important

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   By: Ali Khan  Date:   

Why Investing in Tourism is Important Most people think of tourism as a vacation to a new destination. However, apart from acting as an entertainment getaway, it can benefit the particular country, its economy, its people and the global industry as a whole. We all know that tourism in Pakistan has just been unfortunate since the beginning as it did not receive the attention that it deserves. It is the responsibility of every person to directly or indirectly promote tourism and highlight its importance, especially in Pakistan. We can....



What will Traveling be Like in 50 Years

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   By: Hira Bukhari  Date:   

What will Traveling be Like in 50 Years If we go back some 50 years and think about traveling at that time, it was more of either luxury or difficulty. Yes, we have had airplanes and other modes of transport since quite a few years now. It was easy and luxurious for the rich frequent traveler but a lay man found it to be extremely difficult. Why was that, because there was very little information available for a regular man. Traveling has been becoming easier by the day and more people are willing to travel. It is changing from lux....



5 Myths about Traveling to Pakistan

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   By: Rabia Khan  Date: 24 February 2016  

5 Myths about Traveling to Pakistan Pakistan is probably one of the most misjudged countries in the world. Most people fail to see what lies underneath the media reportage stressing on the challenges facing the country today. If you are also one of those who think many times before planning your trip to explore Pakistan, this article is just for you. There are quite a lot of myths attached to visiting Pakistan. Keep reading to find the list of these misconceptions and the realities of travel and tourism in Pakistan. 1. ....



Gujranwala - The City of Wrestlers

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   By: Ayesha Ghafoor  Date: 3 February 2016  

Gujranwala - The City of Wrestlers Gujranwala, also known as the city of wrestlers (pehelwaano da shehr) for giving top wrestlers to the country, is a city based in Punjab and is the 7th most populous city of Pakistan. It is one of the fastest growing cities of Pakistan and has currently become an important industrial city. The local language spoken there is purely Punjabi with Urdu and English being used as a second language. Gujranwala essentially has a hot climate but also experiences low temperatures during winters. The ci....



DOs and DONTs of Traveling to Pakistan

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   By: Tazeen Hoda  Date: 10 December 2015  

DOs and DONTs of Traveling to Pakistan If you are traveling to Pakistan for the first time, you will find some important information that will help you to know about Pakistan. Pakistan, a developing country, is underrated in terms of tourism industry. Pakistan is home to more than 182 million people with so much to offer. It is rich in tourist attractions, and things that only belong to Pakistan like, K2-the second highest mountain in the world, Kewra salt mines-the world’s second largest salt mines and more. Pakistan is a must....



2008 UK-Canadian Distaghil Sar Expedition

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   By: Ali Ansar  Date:   

2008 UK-Canadian Distaghil Sar Expedition Distaghil Sar has been climbed only two times, in 1960 and 1982, by its easier southern slopes. The north side of the mountain remains unclimbed. In 1988 a German expedition was deterred by the approach up the badly crevassed Malangutti Glacier and the threat of avalanches. In 1996 three members of a New Zealand/UK expedition were killed in an avalanche and the attempt was abandoned. Report below is compiled by Bruce Normand. Aim Summary Purpose Geography Access Team Conception Objective....



Distaghil Sar (25,868 ft.) - The account of the Austrian Karakorum Expedition 1960

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   By: Ali Ansar  Date:   

Distaghil Sar (25,868 ft.) - The account of the Austrian Karakorum Expedition 1960
This account is actually composed by Wolfgang Stefan and translated by Hugh Merrick. As The little Dakota gained height, it was with a feeling of relief that we gazed down on the strange-looking houses of Rawalpindi, with the hot plain of the Indus stretching away behind them. We were flying towards a brown wall of hills. Mud-huts clung like toys to the slopes of the deeply carved valleys. With growing excitement we saw the first snow-covered summits rising ahead. My companions Gottfrie....



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