Earn money online in Pakistan!

 By: Rashid Khan  Date: 15 Nov 2012
Earn money online in Pakistan!
Easily earn money online in Pakistan, this statement has been misused by many websites. They fool people by telling them to buy some package or CDs and start making money online. Trapped people think that earning money online is a trick which once they know will make them rich. Unfortunately making money online is as tough as making money in real world. There are no shortcuts to do this. It would be better if we understand some major methods of earning money online.

Operating a Website
Most widely used way to earn online is to operate a successful website. Earning from website is same as earning from a TV channel. As TV channels sell time to run advertisements, websites sell their spaces for advertisements. To start a TV channel one need a lot of investment. But successfully managing a website need a lot of hard work, passion and knowhow of the topic of the website. Most widely used mechanism to get advertisements for website is GOOGLE ADSENSE. Google take money on one hand from people who want to get their Ads displayed, and on other hand they give that money to website owners after deducting its percentage.

Content writing
Presence of thousands of websites on almost every topic in this world has created a need for a lot content to be written for them. It consists of blogs, reviews, stories, manuals, articles etc. If one is a good writer he/she can earn online this way. Local and international website owners hire content writers on monthly wage basis or pay them as per amount of content written.

Software and web development
Anybody who can do development work in Java, C++, PHP, ASP, VB, HTML, CSS etc. has opportunity to earn money online. There are many websites where bidding on hundreds of projects gets done every day. Developers with less bid or good profile win the bid. They get paid after successful completion and handing over the work to client.

Graphic Designing
Those who have artistic background can work on graphic designing. Graphic designing work requirement is also increasing day by day as it is required by both website owners and Ad developers. Graphic designing work is also available on international bidding websites and also demanded on local level.

Consultants are also paid online at per hour rate according to their profile value. Anybody who has skill in a specific field can become a consultant of that field i.e. accountants, lawyers, psychiatrist, teachers and many others. One can make profiles at many of the available consultancy websites for this purpose.

Flow of work from developed nations to developing nations is also on rise. There are many people who take above stated works like content writing, software development, web development and graphic designing. They deduct commission and get it done from others. Outsourcing has also become a lucrative business to earn money online.

Online paid surveys
There are some websites which pays for filling surveys and giving feedback for different products. Basically these websites take surveys from many people and give feedback to companies.

Any of the above methods if used consistently and with hard work can let you earn money online. Shortcut methods like bogus profiles, fake clicks, hacking, credit card frauds etc. can only be successful for limited times but they will bring a lot of trouble in return. Google had already made Adsene membership tough because of fake click issues. It is better that we earn clean and don’t make others fool.

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