The Land of Pure - A Journey Into the Heart of Baltistan

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Northern Areas of Pakistan once a center for tourism is now a hub for terrorism; five of the Eight-thousander (14 independent mountains on Earth that are more than 8,000 metres - 26,247 ft high above sea level) are located in this region but now the access to them has been destroyed by extremism. Balti people after 9-11 have been struggling to make ends meet considering lack of tourists and Baltistan being the nucleus of historical, cultural and picturesque sites is slowly becoming desolate.

Video Credits:

  • Directed by: Peter Mallamo
  • Written by: Faith Model & Peter Mallamo
  • Cinematography: Peter Mallamo
  • Produced by: Peter MallaModel Productions
  • Sound Mixer: Anthony Fedele, Concentrix Music and Sound Design
  • Edited by: Peter Mallamo
  • Narrated by: Peter Mallamo
  • Still Photography: Bobby Model
  • Location Assistance: Ghulam Hassan
  • Stock Footage: Journeyman Pictures
  • Location Guide Services: Ghulam Hassan, Ibrahim Zahid, Nazir Sabir Expeditions
  • Location Cook: Ali Khan
  • Music: Shamas-ud-Doa by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan & Ilahi by Mustafa Taskaya


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