Hussaini Suspension Bridge - Worlds Most Dangerous Bridge

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The Hussaini- Borith Lake Bridge is considered as one of the most dangerous as it is very old, narrow, and too high above the lake and to top it all the wooden planks are missing. This Hussaini Bridge is “new” as the tattered remains of the previous bridge still hangs next to it.

Location: In the village of Hussaini in Northern Pakistan, crossing the Hunza River.

Reason for being named World’s Most Dangerous Suspension Bridge: Massive gaps between the planks, a wild side-to-side swing: there are reasons this is considered one of the world’s most harrowing suspension bridges. While rickety cable and wood bridges are common in this area, crossing this bridge over the rapidly flowing Hunza River is particularly frightening, as the tattered remains of the previous bridge hang by threads next to the one currently in use.

Events: Floodwaters reportedly submerged the bridge in May 2010. However, due to its draw as a popular adventure-travel activity, the bridge was re-built.

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