DOs and DONTs of Traveling to Pakistan

 By: Tazeen Hoda  Date: 10 December 2015
DOs and DONTs of Traveling to Pakistan
If you are traveling to Pakistan for the first time, you will find some important information that will help you to know about Pakistan. Pakistan, a developing country, is underrated in terms of tourism industry. Pakistan is home to more than 182 million people with so much to offer. It is rich in tourist attractions, and things that only belong to Pakistan like, K2-the second highest mountain in the world, Kewra salt mines-the world’s second largest salt mines and more.

Pakistan is a must visit place and if you are traveling to Pakistan anytime soon, keep scrolling down to find the best guidelines.


Most of the Pakistanis are well educated and have a good command of the ‘English’ language which is widely learned as the second language around the world. However, there are many people who understand little or no English. Remember, do try to learn a few basic phrases in Urdu-national language of Pakistan. It is not very difficult and it’ll become easier to explain and express yourself. Do not talk to local drivers, waiters, cashiers and other servers entirely in English as they probably won’t get you and you might end up with something else. Use sign language instead.

Tourist attractions

Famous tourist attractions in Pakistan include monuments like the founder’s tomb, Minar-e-Pakistan, Shah Faisal Mosque, hill stations and valleys, Lahore fort, museums and general public’s most favorite beaches around the Arabian sea. Visiting these places is a must. At least try to visit, the number of famous attractions. Try not to go on weekend as these places are occupied by locals and you might not be able to truly enjoy. To avoid this traffic, pay a visit on a weekday and spend your weekends enjoying the delightful Pakistani food and serene environment.

Dress code

Pakistani culture is relatively conservative where both men and women dress adequately, covering their body parts completely. Try not to wear too skinny and/or revealing clothes as locals find it unacceptable even if it’s a foreigner. Do buy and wear a Pakistani national dress. You can add this to your travel bucket list, you will definitely enjoy.


Pakistan is known to lack good infrastructure. But, the government is working on constructing roads and better buildings to improve the country’s outlook. You don’t have to worry about your stay as there is a range of hotels from cheap guest houses to 5 star luxury hotels, Serena Hotel Islamabad and Avari Towers Karachi are a few to name. So, book hotels on your preferred choice.


You can find cheap ways of conveyance like Rickshaws, buses and cabs. If you want a luxury drive, you may rent a car which also goes well on the budget. However, be prepared to find immense traffic on the roads and come across rough driving. Pakistanis are expert in it.

If this article was of any help, give it a thumbs up and remember, don’t restrict yourself to limited places, but take that 15 hour long flight and fly to explore the other corners of the world.

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