Arab Connection Karachi

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Arab Connection Karachi

Contrary to popular belief authentic Saudi food, influenced by the Bedouin culture is spicy which owes a lot to the spice trade route that ran through the region in days gone by. Traditional methods of preparation adhered by our chefs’ use very little oil resulting in a meal packed with flavor yet light on the palate.

Address: PECHS, Block 6, Karachi, Pakistan-75400

Foodtype / Cuisine: Asian Fusion, Fast Food


Serving Hours: Mon - Sat: 12:00 am - 11:30 pm and Sun 10:00 am - 11:30 pm

Phone: (021) 35403373 or 0331-666-7000

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 Arab Connection

Arab Connection – Eat like a sheikh Courtesy Arabian Cuisines are popular all over the world, and Pakistan too. Now many restaurants offer Arabian menus but I’m glad I found Arab Connections. Now I know a lot of you have tried it and loved it. Not that it’s really delicious but worth the money and filling, isn’t that so cool? Basically Arabian cuisines are pretty much like Pakistani cuisines but the difference is in the amount of spices, yes, sheikhs like it simple and use sauces to add up the flavors they want. When asked about how it begun, the owners said “we were inspired to start Arab Connection because we wanted to make Arabic food fun! If you see middle eastern cuisine very closely mirrors Pakistani cuisine and a vast majority of our habibi’s have enjoyed dishes such as Mandi, kabseh, mezza(starters) when travelling to Saudi Arabia , Dubai etc” They further added “We wanted to bring that experience and flavors over here in a modern and fun way as a viable substitute to fast food joints – we will be opening a dine in location soon and the service there will be modeled on fast food service, with quick turnaround, standardized and quality controlled flavors , exceptional hygiene and a trademark taste” So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to pamper your taste buds the sheikh style. Trust me, the food is amazing and very different from our typical spicy food here and prepared in less oil. Do give it a try and you won’t regret it the menu is full of delicious starters, main courses, sidelines and desserts. This definitely is a treat for the people who like the authentic Arabian cuisines and I am totally happy with their quality, quantity, and price and delivery service. In short, its amazing overall!


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