Afghan Park (Nehru Park) Lahore

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Afghan Park (Nehru Park) Lahore

Afghan Park was previously known as Nehru park but this park was famous because of the Hockey played here and since majority of the residents living in this area belong to Pathan (Burki) family migrated from India therefore it was named Afghan Park; the name took after the at that time famous Afghan Hockey Club. There was time when this ground was full of hockey players, and this area was also known as the Subcontinent of Hockey. Afghan park provides a nice location for nearby residents of Sant Nagar for jogging and sports.

Address: Abdali Road, Lahore, Pakistan ‎, Lahore, Pakistan ‎.


  • March 23, 2004: The Lahore High Court (LHC) on Monday directed the Lahore district coordination officer to reclaim Nehru Park at Sant Nagar from its current illegal occupants. Judge Tassadaq Hussain Jillani declared the occupation of the park by Government Islamia College Civil Lines Principal Dr Irfan Zaidi, and union council nazims Illyas Khan and Hafiz Nasim Ahmed, unlawful. Petitioner Sundas Farooq, in her petition, said that Dr Zaidi, Mr Khan and Mr Ahmed had illegally occupied the park. She told the court that the Parks and Horticulture Society had failed to get the park back from them despite court orders. Ms Farooq alleged that the occupants had sold the iron grill of the park for Rs 250, 000.
  • Afghan Park is normally used for Eid Prayers.

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Afghan Park (Nehru Park) located in Sant Nagar:

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Krishan Nagar & Sant Nagar: During British Raj, in 1930s came a change in the development of middle class localities in Lahore and areas like Krishan Nagar (it was named so because of the Hindu temple dedicated to Krishna, one of the key Hindu deities. The area was a bustling community with a large concentration of gold shops and jewelers) and Sant Nagar were established. They were planned, geometrical in layout and had parks, sewage and drinking water facilities. In the houses in these areas, roofs of the rooms were high like British bungalows. These housing areas were an improved version of the old architecture of Lahore. After the independence of Pakistan in 1947, the Hindu residents migrated to India. The area became mainly a residential quarter, heavily populated with Muslims. In 1992, after repeated protests from Muslims groups, Krishan Nagar and Sant Nagar were merged and renamed Islampura or 'Islam Town' to accurately reflect its demographic composition. However, it is still largely referred to by its former name, as is the case with many other localities of Lahore such as Dharampura (renamed Mustafa-abad), Bhalla stop (renamed Zaibunnisa stop).


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