Khudi Ka Sare Nihan by Shafqat Amanat Ali & Sanam Marvi

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Khudi Ka Sare Nihan by Shafqat Amanat Ali & Sanam Marvi Interpreting religion based on our selfish requirements; where have we come to as a generation. Allama Iqbal the true visionary sensed the path and penned down Khudi Ka Sare Nihan . Then again we have deviated so far from the riotous path that Na Woh Ghaznavi Mein Tarap Rahi, Na Kham Hai Zulf-e-Ayaz Mein...... Shafqat Amanat Ali & Sanam Marvi lay down their hearts into putting across this graceful message. Virsa Heritage: The track is part of the popular classicial music show Virsa Heritag....



Ab Khud Kuch Karna Paray Ga by Strings and Atif Aslam

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Ab Khud Kuch Karna Paray Ga by Strings and Atif Aslam Amazing drum roll in the begging sets the pace of this track, again the percussion thumps have this grace to it accompanied by harsh realism of the lyrics; the track is among the top when it comes down to songs pertaining to nationalism and patriotism. Strings and Atif combo give this track raw energy would have cherished a couple of lines by Bilal Maqsood right at the end much like Agosh by EP where Zulfi chips in with soft voccals to enhance the effect the track has but still no comparisons it....



Mein Tou Dekhoonga by Strings

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Mein Tou Dekhoonga by Strings Harmonium was originally brought to India by French missionaries during 19th century so it’s more of a western instrument brought mainly to limelight by Pakistani Sufi and Folk musicians but getting to see Bilal Maqsood a mainstream pop musician using harmonium in pop track give a new dimension both to the track and the musicians ability; Mein Tou Dekhoonga signifies the current state of Pakistan somewhat sarcastically and the coming of times a bit optimistically but to believe in glass being....



Tera Junoon by Arooj Aftab

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Tera Junoon by Arooj Aftab This track is filled with soothing brilliance, the soft percussion effects in the background overlapped by hauntingly husky vocals. The track reflects a genuine nationalism feeling and as the slogan goes chant the words Rebuild Pakistan not from scratch but to build positively on existing. Song Credits: Written and Composed: Arooj Aftab Arranged by: Arooj Aftab and Stelios Michas Video Credits: Photographs By: Ali Khurshid, Ali Rez,, Fursid, Shoaib Tariq Lyr....



No More by Junoon

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No More by Junoon The pioneers of Sufi Rock music in Pakistan showed their vast versatility with this track. No more with its classical touches, the eastern ballad style chanting of Ali Azmat, the psychedelic lyrics denouncing extremism and terrorism, as we see New York skyline in the background as the song was out after 9/11, is a must listen. Video Credits: Video Directed by: Lucas Traub Junoon - Band Members: Lead Vocals: Ali Azmat Lead Guitar: Salman Ahmad Bass Guitar: Brian O'Connell ....



Dil Dil Pakistan by Vital Signs

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Dil Dil Pakistan by Vital Signs Song - Dil Dil Pakistan: A patriotic song from Pakistan. It was released in 1987 by the Pakistani pop band, Vital Signs. It was included in the band's debut album Vital Signs 1 in 1989. Dil Dil Pakistan became popular after its release giving it the status of a Pop Anthem or Second National Anthem of Pakistan. In the 2003, BBC World Service international poll of the ten most famous songs of all time, Dil Dil Pakistan was third. he song's music video was filmed in Pakistani capital, Islamabad an....



Maula by Vital Signs

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Maula by Vital Signs Song - Maula: In 1999, Rohail Hyatt releases the collection of the Signs album songs, mixed with music remixes. The VS-Remixes received negative reception from its music journalists, though an interested idea.The VS-Remixes album's only one single, Maula, which was the only original piece escape mediocrity and garnered positive marks. Maula, a patriotic song, became an ultimate success and the song received a lot of appraisal from the music journalists. Band Members: Junaid Jamshed – Vocal....



Jeet by Overload

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Jeet by Overload Mastered by: The legendary Frank Arkwright at Abbey Road Studios, London Vocals/Drums, Guitars: Farhad Humayun Keyboards: Sheraz Siddiq Dhol: Nasir Sain Guitar Solos: Umair Nadeem Horns: Punjab Brass Band Bagpipes: Abid & Anna Bass: Farhan Ali Lyrics: Tahir Shaheer Overload formed in 2003 having its roots in Lahore; has revolutionized the Pakistani music scene with at times brilliant fusions, giving a radical new dimension to military bands and sufi dhol players and at tim....



Agosh by Entity Paradigm [eP]

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Agosh by Entity Paradigm [eP] My favorite of all the eP songs for its sheer intensity, rawness in the riffs, the aggression in the vocals, the raiding percussions, the deep impacting lyrics; for somber to violent with this track eP got everything right as they decided to ditch the rap interlude and add a soft encore. Agosh represents passion with aggression and a heartfelt devotion for your motherland. Song Credits: Language: Urdu Band: Entity Paradigm [EP] Entity Paradigm: A heavy metal band from La....



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