Yahi Zameen by Vital Signs

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Yahi Zameen by Vital Signs A nice little poppy track; Vital Signs in my opinion specialized in that classic power pop genre of popular music, to have multiple instruments all playing in accord to sound nice to the ears but not pursing the artistic depth. Yehi Zameen is a synthy track with a nice feel to it, especially the bridge part where Junaid Jamshed does an amazing job on top of the melody. Lyrically the track is par excellence as it reflects a youthful love for the country, a love that is not restricted to a specifi....



Dil Mangay Aur Ziada by Vital Signs

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Dil Mangay Aur Ziada by Vital Signs Dil Mangay Aur Ziada is a dedication for Cricket Team of Pakistan going to play in World Cup 1999. The track is low toned synth pop as was the trend back in those day, new age synthesizers have come a long way and has made music more versatile but still Vital Signs signature was brilliant composition, soulful vocals and ingenuity in lyrics. Lyrically the track is an inspiration but is not there to motivate our Cricketing heroes only but is a representative of a want, a passion to do extraordinar....



Hum Laye hain Toofan se Kashti Nikaal ke by Saleem Raza

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Hum Laye hain Toofan se Kashti Nikaal ke by Saleem Raza Song and the video shows a journey of countless sacrifices; a journey from 1940 - Lahore Resolution, which called for creation of an independent state for Muslims of Subcontinent, to 1947 which led to the completion of the dream in shape of Pakistan. Lyrical depth and vocal passion behind each word is unshakeable. As Pakistani we need to heed each and every word of this track since it reflects the feeling of people who laid down their lives for us the people who expected goodness from us, the pe....



Hum Hain Pakistani Hum To Jeetain Gay Haan Jeetain Gay by Vital Signs

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Hum Hain Pakistani Hum To Jeetain Gay Haan Jeetain Gay by Vital Signs A track that has influenced many; Hum Hain Pakistani Hum To Jeetain Gay is a brilliant pop track with nicely composed compact melody and amazing lyrics. Vital Signs was always influenced vocally and music was toned down to reflect the soulful voice of Junaid Jamshaid. Lyrically the track is ageless even with years passed the meaning and depth behind each word still holds true and leaves one wandering when the time would come when we would be able to say Yes we have left behind the miseries and n....



Hum Aazad Hain by Akash

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Hum Aazad Hain by Akash Hum Aazad Hain is one of the rock inspired nationalistic song having Akash sound to it with some blazing distorted guitars and some hardcore drumming. Lyrically the track sound inspired from the poetry of Faiz Ahmed Faiz specifically the poem Bol Ke Lab Aazad Hain Tere but Akash had its own touches added and giving the poem an all-new shape but what lets the track down are the production values could have proven to be a great number if had been properly engineered. Song Credits: D....



Jazba-e-Junoon by Junoon

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Jazba-e-Junoon by Junoon Jazba-e-Junoon was the first biggest hit of Junoon which propelled their album Inquilaab to the top of music charts. The song uses blending of rock guitars and bluesy vocals with eastern elements like the use of tablas, raga-inspired melodies and traditional Pakistani folk music. Lyrically it’s brilliantly inspirational as from 1996 to this very date this track hasn’t lost its luster and still pumps the blood back into your heart and fills you with all the right emotions for your country an....



Qasam Us Waqt Ki by Junaid Jamshed

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Qasam Us Waqt Ki by Junaid Jamshed A voice that inspired many and with these kind of motivational tracks he inspired not many but each and every individual in Pakistan. Junaid Jamshed singing Qasam Us Waqt is a dedication to the brave personnel of Pakistani Armed Forces who not only have helped us in times of natural catastrophes but have laid down their lives so we can have the security of our homes. Song Credits: Original Track: Performed by Mujeeb Alam in 1969 Poet : Hassan Akbar Kamal Music: Shoaib Mansoo....



Zameen Ki Goad by Mohammad Ifrahim

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Zameen Ki Goad by Mohammad Ifrahim One hit wonder Mohammad Ifrahim does an amazing job with this track, this is one of those tracks that have that devotional funky feel to it and you can sway with the Pakistani flag in your hand and sing with Mohammad Ifrahim Zameen ki god Rang se Umang se Bhari rahay and feel nothing but love for Pakistan and to cherish its existence and its people. Song Credits: Poet: Asad Muhammad Khan Music: Sohail Rana Released: 1980 on PTV Mohammad Ifrahim: One of those legendary ....



Pakistan Ko Samjho Logo by Alamgir

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Pakistan Ko Samjho Logo by Alamgir Sometimes one feels simple is good; since back in 1980s Pakistan was a simpler place, or a world was a simple place, with feelings like love, passion and patriotism coming easily as its reflected by this track; feels like it’s coming for the very heart and soul of Alamgir. Listen to it but concentrate on nothing else apart from the depth reflected by each word, don’t be cynical of music or pollute your mind with thoughts of living in a country afflicted by socio-political turmoil just feel d....



Tere Khayalon Se Aagay by Siege The Band

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Tere Khayalon Se Aagay by Siege The Band The track opens up with a bright wave if heartwarming of chord progression followed up with a melodious anthemic sounding rhythm section. Lyrically the track is as inspiring as it gets; its brilliant poetry as it creates an aura of devotion and patriotism. Song Credits: Executive Producer : Junaid Younus Producer : Sabeeh Khan / Mukhtar Ali Awan Lyrics : Neelam Bashir Styling : Toni & Guy DOP : Sabeeh Khan Director : Mukhtar Ali Awan Dedicated To : Pakistan Air Fo....



Tu Khaas Hai by Atif Aslam

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Tu Khaas Hai by Atif Aslam The track bears the signature attributes of an Atif Aslam song with familiar acoustic theme starting the song and then focusing on electronic riffs and percussions with vocals predominantly playing the major part. Lyrically the track is all about nationalism and promoting a strong urge to identify yourself with your nation and in turn commit your life and belongings for the benefit of your country. Song Credits: Show : Jazba - Defa Pakistan Channel : ARY Digital Released : 6th Sept....



Uraan by Jal

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Uraan by Jal A very Junoon sounding track encapsulated by eastern sounding instrumentalism; guitars are tones down for major part of the track to make the track more mellow but yet retain the aggression that comes with patriotic tracks. Jal is one of those bands who are just great at writing really memorable hooks, be it a guitar riff or vocal line; Goher self-proclaimed genius will haunt you until another of his tracks comes to replace it. Lyrically the track reflects the passion, vigor and a thirst for suc....



Aagay Hi Aagay by Karavan

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Aagay Hi Aagay by Karavan Aagay Hi Aagay is one of the making tracks for the band Karavan; this ultimate rock anthem driven by patriotism and some awesome riffs and drum combo. Vocally Tanseer is one of the most underrated singers out there; his range in this track is impressive and the sophisticated ferocity by which he delivers this brilliant track is admirable. Lyrically the track is pure fun filled with some nationalistic emotions, gets you all the pumped up. For me this track is a mood up-lifter whenever I feel dow....



Azadi by Junoon

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Azadi by Junoon Freedom lies in being bold and courage and strength is the foundation of this track. Instrumentally the track is signature Junoon, encapsulating eastern classical instrumentation but what sets it apart are the lyrics since they emit nationalism and patriotic sentiments. Lyrically the track talk about the obsession and determination required for freedom; freedom not only for the country as a whole but freedom from ethnic and cultural differences; to unite under one nation under one God. So....



Maaon Ki Dua Puri Hui by Alamgir

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Maaon Ki Dua Puri Hui by Alamgir One of the one hit wonders when it comes to Patriotic Songs; vocally Alamgir is one of the very few singers whose narration of Urdu language is so pure that each word resonated in your ears. Lyrically the track reflects the power in a mother’s prayers and is extremely heart touching as it signifies not a song but a prayer for success and prosperity. Song Credits: Singer: Alamgir Released: 1990 Channel: PTV Location: Karachi Alamgir: A versatile singer and is....



Sathiyo Mujahido Jaag Utha Hai Sara Watan by Masood Rana and Shaukat Ali

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Sathiyo Mujahido Jaag Utha Hai Sara Watan by Masood Rana and Shaukat Ali A track dedicated to Armed Forces of Pakistan in support of them doing Indo-Pak War 1965. The track was featured in the movie Mujahid which did average business but this track proved to be an exceptional success since it incorporated lyrical ingenuity. Defense Day: Celebrated in Pakistan as a national day on 6 September in memory of those who killed in the Indo-Pakistani war of 1965 and successful defense of Lahore, Sialkot and other important areas of the country. Song Credits: ....



Yeh Watan by Hazel

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Yeh Watan by Hazel A memorable opening riff initiates a brilliant motivational track; Hazel comes with a brilliant debut track with inspirational lyrics and some intricate melody. Yeh Watan is an emotional trip of an individual’s relationship with his/her country; the lyrics have a national patriotism to them, presenting to the world the vigor of Pakistani youth for their country. 2:30 minutes into the track power chords start pumping in and the track takes anthemic quality with melody and vocals exploding brill....



Yeh Watan Tumhara Hai by Mehdi Hassan

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Yeh Watan Tumhara Hai by Mehdi Hassan Emotions run so high behind this track that they are overwhelming; the passion in voice of Mehdi Hasaan leaves one in awe. Yeh Watan Tumhara Hai is dedicated to very child in Pakistan, every soul that inspires for greatness and in term that greatness is reflected in shape of a prosperous Pakistan. Lyrically the track leaves one dumfounded and the feeling of nationalism is aroused so high that one wonders with emotions like this Why we have a country suffering from lack of patriotism and vigor? ....



Jug Jug Jiye Mera Payara Watan by Arifa Siddiqui

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Jug Jug Jiye Mera Payara Watan by Arifa Siddiqui Arifa Siddiqui takes out time from acting and lends her soulful voice to this memorable of a nationalistic track. Jug Jug Jiye is a simplistic track with message of patriotism and allegiance for Pakisatan. Song Credits: Poetry: Masroor Anwer Original Track by Singer: Sabeeha Khanum Remake: Arifa Siddiqui ( 1990 ) on PTV Arifa Siddiqui: Arifa Siddiqui is an actress, known for Naraaz (1985), Wadero Sain (1992) and Begam Dish Antenna (1995). Arifa Siddiqui is very ta....



Sohni Dharti Allah Rakhey by Habib Wali Mohammad

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Sohni Dharti Allah Rakhey by Habib Wali Mohammad One of the most sought out tracks when it comes to patriotic songs; lyrically the track signifies a request to the Creator of all Life to keep Pakistan out of harm’s way and to give its people courage and strength to help Pakistan prosper and flourish in years to come. Song Credits: Poetry: Masroor Anwer Original Track by: Noor Jehan & Masood Rana in 1972 Habib Wali Mohammad (Born 1921): Habib Wali Mohammad was born in Rangoon to a conservative Memon family, which la....



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