Battee Da Sawaal by Hamza Malik ft. Hannah Butt

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Battee Da Sawaal by Hamza Malik ft. Hannah Butt A nice little acoustic melody with some soft humble vocals from Hamza Malik and nice interlude by Hannah Butt but quite satirical lyrically; this is new age patriotism taking a jibe at status-quo in Pakistan and denouncing political leaders and their promises. This track is more of a plea by common man; he doesn’t need change, revolution or promises, he just needs basic necessities. This message is what sets this track apart from other tracks, this is purely coming from masses not meant to evo....



Zinda Qaum by Imam Syed

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Zinda Qaum by Imam Syed Zinda Qaum is one of those satirical pop rap track that reflect the current situation of Pakistan. Sonic quality of the track is not the great since synth beats are not that resonating and overall gives a weak feeling and Imam Syed’s voice doesn’t really do justice to the lyrics since his voice is more hollow lacking that sarcastic texture like Ali Gul Pir and Begharat Brigade more suited for a traditional pop track. Lyrically the track is great since it conceptually portrays a bottom up ap....



Talaash by Junoon

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Talaash by Junoon A rock anthem amidst socio-political turmoil; as the year 1993 in which Ghulam Ishaq Khan dissolved the National Assembly of Pakistan and dismissed the Nawaz government and Benazir Bhutto was ushered into office yet again and this was all happening when people of Pakistan were craving for Political stability since they had been through assassinations, military coups, political executions and what not. Talaash is about finding that liberal space, that utopian society, that identity and that recog....



Gurus Of Peace by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and A. R. Rahman

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Gurus Of Peace by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and A. R. Rahman When a brilliant composer and an extraordinary voice come together they give you an ageless track that is without boundaries and preaches love and life for everyone. New age patriotism is not an advocate of war and hatred but it’s a preacher of love and devotion to human life. Rahman with his signature multi-instrumental atmospheric composition coupled with Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s extraordinarily ranged voice gives a masterpiece to the music world. Song Credits: Guitarist : Dominic Mi....



Yeh Hum Naheen by Various Artists

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Yeh Hum Naheen by Various Artists A soulful melody about a country whose tarnished perception in the world is not reflected by its people; orchestral style composition encapsulated by lyrical ingenuity and voices that have charmed each and every one of us come together to give a masterpiece. A heart touching song overlaid with an equally emotional video showing common people who have done nothing but to stay honest to their work and country. Song Credits: Composed and Produced by: Shuja Haider Lyrics: Ali Moeen Styling....



Mere Watan Mein by Strings

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Mere Watan Mein by Strings A track which is mainly culmination of some synthy poppy music creating a fairly toe-tapping environment; lyrically the track is all about love and devotion for Pakistan. Bilal Maqsood with his low toned voice texture delivers an exciting nationalistic track, love the production values since both music and vocals sound awesome. Song Credits: Singer: Bilal Maqsood Composition: Bilal Maqsood and Faisal Zafar Released: 2003 Lyrics: Anwar Maqsood Album: Hai Koi Hum Jaisa Unofficial M....



Dhondo Gay Agar Mulkon Mulkon by Abida Parveen

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Dhondo Gay Agar Mulkon Mulkon by Abida Parveen Hauntingly beautiful vocals conveying an equally beautiful message of love, passion and nationalism; Abdia Parveen lends her classically oriented voice to Shad Azimabadi poetry which is about a utopian society where perfection prevails. I want to elaborate since this track touches deeply but the depth and complexity of words elude me. Song Credits: Poet: Shad Azimabadi Album: Mehfil-e-Ghazal Released: Jan 10 1989 Abida Parveen: A Pakistani singer of Sindhi descent and one of....



Maine Us Se Yeh Kaha by Laal

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Maine Us Se Yeh Kaha by Laal A conceptually genius of a track; the lyrical ingenuity is staggering as it was first penned during 1960s but it still applies to the current socio-political turmoil in Pakistan. This is basically a satirical poem written in response to a conversation Habib Jalib had with Hafiz Jalandari (Ayub's Advisor) during the time of Ayub Khan's dictatorship. Melody wise it’s a nice little acoustic track focused on communicating the depth behind each word then striving for musical maturity. Again new age....



Rang Saaja Do Pyaas Bhuja Do by Noori and Farooq Ahmed (Aaroh)

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Rang Saaja Do Pyaas Bhuja Do by Noori and Farooq Ahmed (Aaroh) Patriotism is not only cherishing your country and saying kind words in respect but is about bringing true change and this track represents the change in terms of environmental preservation. Noori and Farooq Ahmed collaborate to bring a really catchy melody; opening the track with a quite looping percussion and sitar-violin affects then its move onto the full rhythm section with vocals stepping in. For me Ali Hamza does a great job he has that hollowness and passion behind his voice to convey th....



Utho Mere Mulk Ke Jawano Utho Inquliaab Ka Waqt Hai Aia by Azal

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Utho Mere Mulk Ke Jawano Utho Inquliaab Ka Waqt Hai Aia by Azal Patriotism when combines up with bottled up aggression and compressed frustrations results in a revolution but before this could happen a Call must be given to unite masses and in this track the call for that revolution is being made by Azal. Now this here is a brilliant track with all the hardcore nationalistic elements a strong passionate bassline, lyrically inspiring and vocally strong. Love the effects as music is toned down and then picks up, the transition is amazing. Song Credits: M....



Naya Jahan by Noori feat Anaida

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Naya Jahan by Noori feat Anaida New age patriotism that what is reflected in this very dance oriented poppy track, the essence of this sort of nationalism is to preach love and harmony across borders since we live in a world where weapons of mass destruction are at arm’s length and thousands of deaths await. In order to avoid such catastrophes a quest for a Utopian society is imitated where you find a friend in every other person, where boundaries are there but peace and harmony is preached by all. Coming back to the track v....



Dil Mein Ek Khwaab Ko Hum Sajayen by Strings

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Dil Mein Ek Khwaab Ko Hum Sajayen by Strings The melodious romanticism continues with this track as Strings once come up with a catchy poppy composition. The synth influence with trademark riffs from Bilal Maqsood gives the track a wholesome completeness, the wonderfully low-down looping bass-line keeps the listener interested at all times. Lyrically the track is all about making a dream come true, the dream whose foundation is based on truthfulness, harmony and peace. Song Credits: Album: Duur Released: 2000 Strings Band M....



Tu Hai Kahan by Strings feat Junaid Jamshed & Haroon

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Tu Hai Kahan by Strings feat Junaid Jamshed & Haroon An inspirational track having four of the most melodious musicians from Pakistan music industry as they collaborate to give a masterpiece. Tu Hai Kahan opens up with some atmospheric twinkling of keyboards and flute, then moves on to a thumpy percussion dominated chorus. The track is vocally driven as to reflect the passion and devotion through lyrics. Lyrically the track reflects a drive for hope to find that obscure path that leads to the most wanted of goals and that drive requires courage, t....



Dil Se Maine Dekha Pakistan by Haroon

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Dil Se Maine Dekha Pakistan by Haroon One of the most brilliant nationalistic tracks; with a soulful melody and inspiring lyrics. Video is literary a coming-of-age story of a journey through hardships, of a life that meant hard-work, honesty, courage and a will to succeed and it all is wrapped up so beautifully that you are left in awe by the end of it all. It’s a must watch for all the Pakistanis out there looking for inspiration and hope. Song Credits: Agency: R - Lintas Post: Xperts DOP: Salman K. Director: Asad Ul....



Umeed-i-Sehar by Laal

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Umeed-i-Sehar by Laal The goal is here is to create socio-political awareness among Pakistani youth and not to mint money as goes the tag line of Laal Band; and this track reflects precisely that. The brilliant combo of percussion and flute gives the track a classical inclination and with lyrics creating an essence of passive aggression, a society on a brink of collapse if the indifference is continued to be maintained by bourgeois. Video of the track brilliantly compliments the whole vision behind the lyrics and the....



People are People by Aamir Zaki

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People are People by Aamir Zaki This track represents the true maturity of Pakistani music, phenomenal wording, vocally emotive and the bass interlude steals the show for me. The track opens up with some spiritual chanting and then jumps to a lyrical plea of peace. As you move on, the songs begins to feel like a window in time with lines like To play upon your guilt and break the dreams you've built and Bloods wept and tears Have made their king smile; a great emotional statement and a toned down delivery of aggression and hat....



Aasman by Ali Zafar

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Aasman by Ali Zafar Aasman is a nice little melody and amplified at times by sharp riffs and thumpy percussions . Lyrically the track is an emotional statement, the words explore the tragedies in human life and in turn the struggle to cope with these tragedies but coming on top forms the basic foundation of this track. It’s a depiction of hope and determination. Song Credits: Styling and Wardrobe: Munib Nawaz Director: Sohail Javed Album: Masty DOP: Zain Haleem Post: Xperts Ali Zafar (bo....



Rang Laye Ga Shaheedon Ka Lahoo by Noor Jahan

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Rang Laye Ga Shaheedon Ka Lahoo by Noor Jahan Signature Noor Jahan track can bring tears into your eyes even after so many years, each word resonates with so much passion so many emotions that if you empty your mind and concentrate on each word would give you shivers all over. Lyrically the track was meant to inspire as was released during Indo-Pakistan War of 1965 and inspired it did as the stories of victory, of courage and bravery are still echoing in the world. Song Credits: Released: 20th Sept 1965 Poet: Tanveer Naqvi ....



Yeh Hawaon ke Musafir by Noor Jahan

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Yeh Hawaon ke Musafir by Noor Jahan With each resonating beat of table comes the soulful voice of Madam Noor Jahan; the track was released in September 1965 during the ending days of Indo-Pakistan War as the defeated India returned back to its country and our victorious soldiers returned with their head high. Lyrically the track pays homage to our brave soldiers. Song Credits: Released: 1965 First On-Aired On: Radio Pakistan Lahore Noor Jahan or Noor Jehan (September 21, 1926 – December 23, 2000): Noor J....



Aay Watan Kay Sajeelay Jawano by Noor Jahan

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Aay Watan Kay Sajeelay Jawano by Noor Jahan The steady percussions the beautiful atmospheric twinkling of violin and sitar with hauntingly elegant vocals singing most passionate of the lyrics; Aay Watan Kay Sajeelay Jawano is a masterpiece. The track came out during the Indo-Pakistan War of 1965 and had its effect on everyone, civilians backing their brave soldiers and soldiers repaying with their lives, with their courage, with their devotion, with their valor and with their fearlessness. Song Credits: Director : Shaan DOP ....



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