Dosti by Jawad Ahmad

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Dosti by Jawad Ahmad A very motivational and emotional track by Jawad Ahmad forming the basis of which was very Punjabi folk oriented instrumentation overlaid by some familiar pop sound; the track became extremely special mainly for the a very heart touching video reflecting the true essence of sacrifices being made by Pakistan Army and lyrical ingenuity highlighting the relation which reflects sincerity and joy, that being friendship. Song Credits: Director: Ahsan Raheem Album: Uchayyan Majajan Aali....



Hathon Mein Hath by Ali Haider

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Hathon Mein Hath by Ali Haider The track has this real nice toe-tapping and hand-waving-in-the-air feel to it; it’s one of those tracks that you can play to children without over burdening their innocent minds with complexity of lyrics and weightiness of the message. Ali Haider has this great signature sound he can make you fall in love with his style of music and create that joyful passionate feeling about your surroundings. Song Credits: Editor: Zia-ur-Rehman Director: Yasir Ghauri Album: Dastaan ....



Watan Mai Teri Azmaton Ko Salam Likhta Hoon by Muhammad Ali Shyhaki

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Watan Mai Teri Azmaton Ko Salam Likhta Hoon by Muhammad Ali Shyhaki A very lean looking Shyhaki sings a very mellow toned track, reflecting some profound nationalistic feelings. The simplicity of the track and overall feel is touching; and as I have said before that patriotic feelings came so naturally during 70’s and 80’s as whenever you picked up a pen you can write about Pakistan without being cynical – it’s this selfless love that has gone amiss in current day and age rather than being passionate about our country, all of us have become these so-call....



Ghar ko Abad Rakhen by Mujeeb Alam

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Ghar ko Abad Rakhen by Mujeeb Alam Here is your country; you are an integral part of it and now it’s your responsibility to cherish its existence, to safeguards its interest and heritage, to be proud of it and not let corrupt and selfish element s destroy your motherland. Time is for everyone to pull up his/her socks and work in his/her circle, as much possible, to make this country a better place for our children and their children to come. This is the message that this track so profoundly gives. Song Credits: Poet:....



Har Lehza Hai Momin Ki by Noor Jahan

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Har Lehza Hai Momin Ki by Noor Jahan A momin is a person who during the journey through his life cherishes and strives for acts that would show his sincerity towards Islam and bring him one step closer to God; an ingenious poem sung with soul and classical perfection as it speaks of the sheer grace of Men of God as they induced fear in the hearts of evil and took them towards a utopian society and the reflection of its contrasting picture can be seen in current day Pakistan as we have forgetting the purity of ways and in an effort ....



Jab Tak Pairon Tale Zameen Hai by A. Nayyar

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Jab Tak Pairon Tale Zameen Hai by A. Nayyar Patriotism came so naturally in the days gone by and this track is a reflection of a very non-cynical and pure nationalistic feeling but again it’s not us it’s the corrupt elements in our society that have taken away these cherished feelings for our country away from us so rather than concentrating on criticizing, as a nation we should focus on uprooting this forsaken evil and relinquish it once and for all to have that purist feeling of love for our country back again. Song Credits: ....



Jinnah by Soch

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Jinnah by Soch An atmospheric sounding acoustic opening overlaid by some hollow tortured emotive vocals initiates a brilliant track signifying purity to its very core; Soch has revolutionized the Ballad genre with fusion of heart touching emotionalism with a nationalistic feel. The track is a crescendo of soul wrenching nationalism from Ballad to anthemic sounding riffs and as Adnan enters the bridge section the track becomes an ingenious show of melody and patriotic idealism. Song Credits: Vocals....



Sun Sakhiye Sun is Maan ki Kahani by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan

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Sun Sakhiye Sun is Maan ki Kahani by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan A heart touching story of a mother losing her only child to the atrocities of war; a life lost and a pair of eyes in tears but a heart in joy for the life lost in this transient world is replaced by a life of blissfulness for eternity. Respect and indebt to the soldiers and to their mothers for raising sons who are willing to protect the sanctity of this nation through their blood. Song Credits: Mother: Samina Peerzada Tribute to: Martyrs of Pakistan Army Rahat Fateh ....



Dhol Sipahiya (Youm e Shuhada) by Shehzad Roy feat. Ayesha Omar

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Dhol Sipahiya (Youm e Shuhada) by Shehzad Roy feat. Ayesha Omar This track is a reflection of the lives lost in war against terrorism, by the end of it all was left in state of indebtedness and respect and the question that haunts my mind is What we are doing? as our soldiers continue to salvage our homeland from these anti-state elements and as an aftermath many eyes are left wandering for their loved ones. The track signifies a dialogue between a praying mother, a concerned wife, an idolizing son, a reverent daughter with a compassionate father, a loving h....



Ay Rah-e-Haq Kay Shaheedo by Naseem Begum

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Ay Rah-e-Haq Kay Shaheedo by Naseem Begum One of the most inspirational tracks when it comes to dedicating music to our Armed Forces and to the sovereignty of our country; this track addresses our brave soldiers who laid down their lives to protect our motherland, the essence of it all encapsulates spirituality and abundance of gratitude. Song Credits: Poet: Mushir Kazmi Music: Mian Sheharyar Released: October 1965 Featured in Film: Madr-e-Watan ( 1966 ) Naseem Begum: Born in the city of Amritsar, B....



Tu Thori Dair hor Tehar ja Sohneya by Farhan Saeed

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Tu Thori Dair hor Tehar ja Sohneya by Farhan Saeed Soldiers are humans too, they have families like we have. They share the same emotions as we do. We salute the Pak Army soldiers and their families who are fighting for us day and night. This song is dedicated to to soldiers who are fighting in Operation Zarb e Azb. Lyrics: Dil charkhe da chakkr katteya Dil charkhe da chakkr katteya Vichon nikli tand… Haye Tand sohne hath yaar sajjan de Tand sohne hath yaar sajjan de Dil udde waang patang Dil bhareya vi nahi aakhan dulliyan vi nahi ....



Irada by Ali Raza, Ahsan Iqbal, Farhan Ali Shiekh & Shoaib Ahmed

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Irada by Ali Raza, Ahsan Iqbal, Farhan Ali Shiekh & Shoaib Ahmed Irada is a very soulful track sung by multitude of vocalists some in scale and some out of scale but for me any song having nationalistic theme is not about the melody or harmony of it; it’s about the message it contains and the message here is simple and straightforward love Pakistan since it’s the first step towards a selfless effort; unless or until you don’t have affection and purity of love for your motherland you will always look for benefits and material return. Song Credits: ....



Aag Mein by Aag Band

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Aag Mein by Aag Band Aag is a brilliant hardcore track; the uniqueness of opening riffs is breathtaking and is a great foundation for a darker rhythm section to follow in. The pretense of the lyrics are extreme almost an overdose of psychedelic influx of gloominess and angst; reflecting the story of tortured souls with desires burning with passion of selfness and righteousness but all in vain leaving only dejection and desolation in its wake. Song Credits: Vocals / Guitars: Haroon Sheikh Drums: Usman S....



Tum Hi Dildar Hai by Jawad Ahmad

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Tum Hi Dildar Hai by Jawad Ahmad A very percussive track with hint of spirituality encapsulated by nationalism; Jawad Ahmad does a brilliant job with this track reflecting a selfless love for the country, a love without seeking any benefits and to whole heartedly commit to prosperity of one’s motherland. Song Credits: Directed by: Jawad Bashir Album: Bol Tujhe Kia Chahiye Special Thanks: SOS Villages Pakistan Lyrics: Pak Sarzameen Shaadbaad Pak Sarzameen Shaadbaad tu badan, tu hi rooh hai t....



Tum Hi Pakistan Ho by Jawad Ahmad

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Tum Hi Pakistan Ho by Jawad Ahmad Pakistan is land of multiple ethnicities ranging from the major sects of Punjabis, Pashtuns, Sindhis, Saraikis, Muhajirs, Balochis to small groups of Kashmiris, Hindkowans, Kalash, Burusho, Brahui, Khowar, Shina, Balti and Turwalis which renders Pakistan a culturally diverse country but rather than to proactively use this cultural diversity to improve tourism and domestic products what we have succeeded is doing is creating hatred between people and the result of which is targeted killings all a....



Jumbo Jutt by Jumbo Jutt feat. Faraz Anwar - Ufone Uth Records Season 1

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Jumbo Jutt by Jumbo Jutt feat. Faraz Anwar - Ufone Uth Records Season 1 Jumbo Jutt is an explosion of track, the anthemic style opening is soon followed by angst and exasperation filled lyrics. The track is a beautiful cataclysmic explosion of styles and genres grunge, heavy, college and indie rock overlaid with tortured vocals and backing vocals stepping in to create a dark and gloomy atmosphere. This for me is the truest and rawest form of new age patriotism where youth step up to express their frustration and anger and express it explosively. Song Credits:....



Hamaray Hain by Shuja Haider & Ahmed Jahanzeb - OST Khuda Kay Liye

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Hamaray Hain by Shuja Haider & Ahmed Jahanzeb - OST Khuda Kay Liye The track opens up with some acoustic twinkling with two of the most soulful voices from Pakistan humming to initiate a melody that would be remembered for years to come. Hamray Hain lyrically is a call for all the Pakistani people to come together leaving their prejudices behind to unite under a liberal Pakistan. Song Credits: Vocalists: Shuja Haider and Ahmed Jahanzeb Lyrics: Shoaib Mansoor Arranged by: Shuja Haider, Ahmed Jahanzeb and Kami Jee OST: Khuda Kay Liye Label: Fi....



Sab Se Pehlay Pakistan by Saraab and & Ahmed Jahanzeb

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Sab Se Pehlay Pakistan by Saraab and & Ahmed Jahanzeb An amazing vocal piece dedicated to Pakistan by two of the most classically pure sounding voices Adnan Khan and Ahmed Jahanzeb. Instrumentally a very percussive track overlaid by multiple atmospheric elements. Lyrically the track is just commitment of our love and passion towards Pakistan. Song Credits: Director: Saleem Shaukat Composed by: R. Adnan Dawood Khan Released: 2004 Lyrics: Pakistan hamari jaan Pakistan hamari jaan sab say pehlay Pakistan sab say pehlay Pakis....



Zameer by Wajahat

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Zameer by Wajahat An emotionally aggressive track with lyrics expressing grief and regret for the atrocities of war through profound verses of poetry. Guitars are stripped down with production concentrated on vocal enhancement to give the beyond-the-grave message of love between a mother and her child and the message is so heart-felt and its intensity is breathtaking. For a long time have never come across such an impressive video both in terms of cinematography and concept; video reflects the depth in words and ....



Kuch Nahin by Saturn

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Kuch Nahin by Saturn Great composition the track has nice punch to it but vocals let the track down; they appear weak and don’t have the necessary pitch and emotional prowess to take the track to the next level. Love the intensity; great solo and brilliant percussions for me Saturn if manages to stick together have the tenacity to go a long way. Lyrically the track signifies an insensitive nation trying to find its identity and it’s acutely represented by the hauntingly beautiful video as well. It’s by far a g....



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