Zohaib Kazi Music Review - Pakistan Indie Generation

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Zohaib Kazi Music Review - Pakistan Indie Generation Karachi based Pakistani music producer Zohaib Kazi is a progressive visionary who works with a self- invented genre he calls Ambient South Asia. With a wealth of knowledge in music and expertise from his current role as Assistant Producer at Coke Studio, Kazi is passionately involved in designing and managing all aspects of his music. So far he has released three singles and two videos including Maan Lo with Zara Madani and Naad-e-Ali, which went on to top most music charts in Pakistan. His curr....



Symt Music Review - Refreshing Sounds

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Symt Music Review - Refreshing Sounds Symt is a pop rock band from Lahore, Pakistan with the name meaning 'Direction' in Urdu. The band consists of Haroon Shahid, Hassan Omer and Farhan Ali. Their debut song Zamana was nominated for two categories at the Lux Style Awards. Despite debuting with catchy tunes such as Pyar Di Ganderi and Zamana about two years ago, SYMT finally caught the public’s eye and made it into the limelight, after featuring in Coke Studio season five. Their numbers Tum Kaho and Koi Labda — which featured San....



Coke Studio Season 6 Music Review - A Musical Fusion of East and West

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Coke Studio Season 6 Music Review - A Musical Fusion of East and West Much hyped Coke Studio Season 6 is finally here; starting acts are impressive but the show that was brought to its true epitome by raw Pakistani talent; the sudden addition of L'Orchestra di Piazza Vittorio and other western elements for me came as somewhat of a disappointment since it was one show that was meant to be a Pakistani pipe-dream for true music evolution, a show meant to jam infrastructure of the society and raise everyone’s eyes from child to mother; as was hoping to see more of v....



Entity Paradigm[eP] Music - Evolution (Irtiqa) Into Darkness

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Entity Paradigm[eP] Music - Evolution (Irtiqa) Into Darkness The band that preached progression of life in process have managed to drown themselves into oblivion. The things that they preached against in process the same things have managed to devour them. eP for me was never about instruments for me it was about a concept a message so pure to its core that had the ability to absorb many only if could have been carried further. Biography of Entity Paradigm (eP): Entity Paradigm (Urdu: ایٹنے پراڈگم‎, in English sometimes shortened as [eP]) i....



Quratulain Balouch Music - The Powerhouse Vocalist

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Quratulain Balouch Music - The Powerhouse Vocalist Biography of Quratulain Balouch (QB) courtesy Sara Jamil: Quratulain Balouch, the new girl in the block, reknowned as "QB" is a flourishing Pakistani singer. The 24-year old won the ‘Pakistan’s Youngest Achievement Award UK and Europe 2011’ in Britain last year. Recently she has also won “Best song of the year for Humsafar” and “Best OST for Humsafar” in Lux Style Awards 2012. She has earned a bachelors degree in IT essentials Multimedia from George Mason University Washington DC.....



Overload A Force to Reckon With

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Overload A Force to Reckon With Overload formed in 2003 having its roots in Lahore; has revolutionized the Pakistani music scene with at times brilliant fusions, giving a radical new dimension to military bands and sufi dhol players and at times message oriented lyrics and delivery. Overload is brainchild of mainly Farhad Humayun (producer, lead vocalist and drummer) and Sheraz Siddiq (keyboard/synth player, songwriter and composer), who were soon joined by Hassan Mohyeddin on percussion along with dhol players Pappu Sain and ....



Music Crossing Borders

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Music Crossing Borders Pakistani musicians have long been over-shadowed by social and political turmoil running havoc in the country but amidst this state of confusion certain exceptional talents rose from the sea of talent and made their names known across the world. 1. The Face of Love by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan with Eddie Vedder: Highly unorthodox and bizarrely appropriate combination of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and Eddie Vedder provided Dead Man Walking with a strong mixture of background scores....



Top Covered Songs from Pakistan -- Part 1

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Top Covered Songs from Pakistan -- Part 1 A difficult art can either make or break; since covered songs are already been familiarized by masses so creating a new version will be highly scrutinized a missed note or riff would easily be picked up and can collapse the whole song. Sharing best covered songs paying homage to not only to legends behind the song but also the craftsmanship of covering artist; beautifully tackling the mastery of the greats. 1. Teray Ishq Main covered by Bell: Bell is a Karachi based band ....



Songs Going Viral -- Part 1

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Songs Going Viral -- Part 1 Songs that should have been dumped or burned as soon as they were even thought of but as it always been with life and most of your bosses out there; somehow or the other goofs in every field manage to get their way through. As counter argument some songs really are a one hit wonder and some bosses deserve to be bosses. But more important of a point who needs laughter yoga to increase your life span when you have all these songs out there touching your funny bone more than once. 1. Eye ....



Best Rendition of Great Poetry -- Part 1

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Best Rendition of Great Poetry -- Part 1 These are not reviews as who I am to review greats; and neither is it about vocalists but more about the message carried by that voice. Respect for message and the one who envisioned it. 1. Kalam e Iqbal -- Khudi Ka Sare Nihan by Shafqat Amanat Ali & Sanam Marvi: Interpreting religion based on our selfish requirements; where have we come to as a generation. Allama Iqbal the true visionary sensed the path and penned down Khudi Ka Sare Nihan . Then agai....



Nazia Hassan and Zohaib Hassan – In Memories Forever

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Nazia Hassan and Zohaib Hassan – In Memories Forever One lives in the hope of becoming a memory. Nazia Hassan never had a bigger crush and Zohaib Hassan memory is vivid but still there; me forcing my mom to get me the white karate gear with black belt then putting in the cassette and going all kung-fu on the track Dheere Dheere and yet again listening to Star and daydreaming. A true revolution was initiated by this duo not only in terms of music but also in changing the thought process of people at that time and laying the foun....



Arooj Aftab - Bringing Back Faith

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Arooj Aftab - Bringing Back Faith What has he found who has lost God? And what has he lost who has found God?” People say music has this ability to touch your soul, an entity with no boundaries but when it comes down to Sufi Music nothing comes to my mind other than words of Beethoven Music is ... A higher revelation than all Wisdom & Philosophy. Never been a huge follower of Arooj’s work but the reason that brings me here is Man Kunto Maula ; for me it’s never been about the quality of voice but always been the....



The Reluctant Fundamentalist Music

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The Reluctant Fundamentalist Music Mohsin Hameed has come a long way from Moth Smoke to The Reluctant Fundamentalist but here for different reason not to discuss the literary skills but the soulful music featured in directorial venture by Mira Nair. 14 track album with 5 songs highlighting pure Pakistani talent. Wikipedia: Mohsin Hameed 1. Mori Araj Suno by Atif Aslam: Atif Aslam for me has always been the man with The Midas Touch his rendition of Mori Araj Suno leaves one in awe. Atif Aslam fan ....



Say No to Munni/Sheila, Tune in the Oldies!

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Say No to Munni/Sheila, Tune in the Oldies! ‘Munni’ and ‘Shiela’ can make us tap our feet but numbers like ‘Ik din bik jaye ga…’ and ‘Aane wala pal..’ melt our hearts, flood it with nostalgia and give us a swaying trip down the memory lane. Yes, this post is a tribute to the old yet unforgettable melodies of Pakistani and Indian music. I had been out of ideas since a while, but I am lucky to have some great people around me, so one of my teachers recommended to talk about the evergreen songs that spell out emotions almos....



Alamgir-the King of Pop

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Alamgir-the King of Pop Alamgir, the founder of pop music in Pakistan, left the music industry when he was at the heights of popularity. Likewise his name, he is really a conqueror and music is his kingdom. Few years ago, Alamgir settled in America and in October 2008, his kidneys were failed and he went on dialysis. Years went by, and now he is back to Pakistan for treatment and hopefully he will recover soon after kidney transplant. In America, he continued his music journey and staged many concerts i....



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