Say No to Munni/Sheila, Tune in the Oldies!

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Say No to Munni/Sheila, Tune in the Oldies!
‘Munni’ and ‘Shiela’ can make us tap our feet but numbers like ‘Ik din bik jaye ga…’ and ‘Aane wala pal..’ melt our hearts, flood it with nostalgia and give us a swaying trip down the memory lane. Yes, this post is a tribute to the old yet unforgettable melodies of Pakistani and Indian music. I had been out of ideas since a while, but I am lucky to have some great people around me, so one of my teachers recommended to talk about the evergreen songs that spell out emotions almost all of us can very well relate to.

Here’s a little story on how I have come to like these songs more than many people of my age. My parents were die-hard fans of these evergreen songs. Especially, my father, with whom I have very fond memories of listening to songs like “Tumko dekha tou yeh khayal...” or “Chingari koi bhadke…” in his voice, while I was trying to fall asleep. It was never a cliche lullaby or a made up song but the most comforting tunes that put me to sleep were these.!! And during the day I would repeat these whenever had the time to myself, 90% of the time with wrong lyrics 90% of the time.

He would hum these songs for maybe hours and what irritated me most was that they were lines of maybe two three different songs but was the sweetest and I miss it alot ! My mom recalls how he would sing tunes of Mehdi Hassan like “Dunya kisi ke pyaar mein…” to her. The point I’m trying to make here is that these evergreen melodies are like heritage which pass on from one generation to another without losing their quintessence. Also this post is dedicated to the greatest friend, guide and supporter I will ever have in my life, my father who has made me feel the best through the worst of moments and gave me utter strength when I needed it. Still the thought of his soft nature and matchless ideas gives intensity to my goals in life!

Coming back to the point, it would be good to just think for a while why we all always like to listen to these songs and just can’t get over them. Any idea?? Well, I think one main reason is the fact that they were just so well written that any of us could go saying..”Oh yes, I can feel exactly the same!”. Precisely, the lyrics depicted human emotions. The second reason is very much that those melodious tunes are soothing and mild. Though, this era’s rock and pop has enchanted us too but the spell is never so long lasting as maybe RD Burman’s music.

While “Desi Girl” can make you charm the dance floor, something like “Chura liya hai tumne...” can make you remember a long time sweetheart or make you totally dreamy. Another possibility for this, I feel is the omission of unnecessary eye candy that makes people remember the music than maybe the flashy clothes the actresses wore or exotic locations. Give it a thought can we really hum something like “Munni Badnaam” or “Jalebi Bai” during a nostalgic moment?? Never, if for the sake it.. never from the heart!! As I said earlier, it can never bring a flash of old memories or make a tear trickle down your cheeks in someone’s memory. For the reason, these unforgettable hits can never part from our hearts.
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