Songs Going Viral -- Part 1

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Songs Going Viral -- Part 1
Songs that should have been dumped or burned as soon as they were even thought of but as it always been with life and most of your bosses out there; somehow or the other goofs in every field manage to get their way through. As counter argument some songs really are a one hit wonder and some bosses deserve to be bosses. But more important of a point who needs laughter yoga to increase your life span when you have all these songs out there touching your funny bone more than once.

1. Eye to Eye by Tahir Shah:

Latest installment in the songs going viral from the relatively unknown but now considerably known Tahir Shah is Eye to Eye. As Tahir Shah puts it “Eye to Eye makes happy killer love…lifetime once in a life… substantial love is heaven for the size eyes…. spectacular eyes our eyes…. my eyes and your eyes…. Eye to Eye…Eye To Eye….” can’t help myself waving my hands in the air and going Eye to Eye. Tahir Shah mystifying the audience by soft Jazz touches in the song as we have found our George Michael ….fall in love with Tahir Shah as he spreads his message across the world by putting his spectacular eyes before him. Message to across border finally we have a better answer for Ashwariya’s eyes as Pakistan now has beautiful, spectacular, gorgeous, glorious, colorful, fabulous eyes which can make you fall in genuine, classic, romantic, special, peaceful, love thanks to Tahir Shah…..United Nations security council has specifically asked for Tahir Shah eyes so they can start dismantling the nukes and fix Tahir Shah eyes in place of moon so everybody can fall in love.

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 Eye to Eye by Tahir Shah

2. One Pound Fish by Shahid Nazir:

From Patokki to London; from fish stall to number 5 in UK Dance Chart, Shahid Nazir has seen and done it all. Love him or hate him but respect him since he managed to scam white people by making them dance on One Pound Fish. Now if I ever go to UK I can look into white man eyes and know that he’s shaking his legs on One Pound Fish by Shahid Bhai form Patokki.

Facebook: One Pound Fish Man
Wikipedia: Muhammad Shahid Nazir
Daily Mail UK: Shahid Nazir Return to Pakistan

 One Pound Fish by Shahid Nazir

3. Papi Chulo By Younis Jani:

Papi Chulo travelled from Panama to Pakistan and landed in the backyard of our very own Yousaf Jani who decided that enough with the Spanish craze lets have our own version of Papi Chulo; so Jani Bhai ripped apart Papi Chulo and made a classic track for all the single horny boys who have their second homes at bus stops and some of them are still going all Papi Chulo. On viral list this song couldn’t make it big but still I rate it high for its apt goofiness.

 Papi Chulo By Younis Jani

4. Waderai ka Beta by Ali Gul Pir:

The pun in this track is actually intended unlike the others who genuinely think they have created a one song wonder. Music is pretty decent considering other hip hop tracks out there it’s the lyrics that makes this track stand out and the comic way it’s been put across. Ali Gul Pir targets wadera culture in Sindh and the lifestyle penned down by the lyricist in addition with thought process may appear to be funny but it more or a less matches that of one born and bred in wadera culture.

Facebook: Ali Gul Pir
Wikipedia: Ali Gul Pir

 Papi Chulo By Younis Jani

5. Aalu Anday by Beygairat Brigade:

Definitely one of my favorites when it comes to songs going viral. Catchy and taunting as anything. This track clearly highlights some of the really controversial issues out there with reference to Ajmal Kasab and Blackwater on international platform and targeting Army and ISI Chief as well. This song is an indication of the bold nature of Pakistani youth and liberal nature of Pakistani media as how controversial of a point and how against establishment it might be can be put across in any form and in any words.

Facebook: Beygairat Brigade
Wikipedia: Aalu Anday

 Aalu Anday by Beygairat Brigade

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