Nazia Hassan and Zohaib Hassan – In Memories Forever

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Nazia Hassan and Zohaib Hassan – In Memories Forever
One lives in the hope of becoming a memory.

Nazia Hassan never had a bigger crush and Zohaib Hassan memory is vivid but still there; me forcing my mom to get me the white karate gear with black belt then putting in the cassette and going all kung-fu on the track Dheere Dheere and yet again listening to Star and daydreaming.

A true revolution was initiated by this duo not only in terms of music but also in changing the thought process of people at that time and laying the foundation so needed for others to follow. And followed who Vital Signs and Jupiters; two of the biggest names Pakistan could nurture in music. The time when everything about Pakistani music started with Ghazals and ended with Qawalis; Nazia and Zohaib Hassan proved a breath of fresh air entering the world of Pop music; this cherished Pop Duo did have the edge as they stood as lone icons within a nation dragged and pushed towards false conservative Islamization by the regime of Zia-ul-Haq. The MTV style videos with Nazia Hassan dressed in skirts and with Zohaib Hassan going all exotic having foreign girls and lions with flying carpets; nothing could have been more new for the Pakistani crowd of that time but now WAIT HERE there comes a difference, something so alien something so new was so fondly accepted by a huge part of Pakistani society.

I have always felt a rush to nostalgia when traversing through their music; whether it’s Tali De Thulla Bay Kay, may sound girly, but my mind takes me to a swing with slight rain in air OR remembering all my crushes as I listen to Zara Chehra; the aspect of romanticism and friendship has always been a core trademark and that makes you feel more for the ones who brought you this feeling. Death of Nazia Hassan is still one of the saddest events not only because of its untimely nature but also for the fact that one is so used of seeing the jolly girl with baby like innocent expressions singing about love and friendship. May she rest in peace.

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 Nazia and Zohaib Hassan

 Nazia and Zohaib Hassan
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