Arooj Aftab - Bringing Back Faith

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Arooj Aftab - Bringing Back Faith
What has he found who has lost God? And what has he lost who has found God?”

People say music has this ability to touch your soul, an entity with no boundaries but when it comes down to Sufi Music nothing comes to my mind other than words of Beethoven Music is ... A higher revelation than all Wisdom & Philosophy. Never been a huge follower of Arooj’s work but the reason that brings me here is Man Kunto Maula ; for me it’s never been about the quality of voice but always been the feeling behind a song….the essence of faith in the voice that makes you believe and creates that contact which you so desperately seek and Man Kunto Maula does that for me. Respect.

Aflaak se laayi jati hai, seenon mein chupai jati hai tauheed ki mai sagar se nahi, aankhon se pilayi jati hai

Arooj Aftab journey from Lahore Grammar School to Berklee College of Music holds much promise with time having that nurturing and maturing effect on her voice as evident from the journey; from mediocrely executed covers to songs like Man Kunto Maula, Tere Bina, Udhero Na and the latest track Silvatein.

Lastly a note about music education; would wait for that time when guys and girls are enrolling in music universities in Pakistan; talent always needs nurturing raw talent can take you to a distance but to go a mile someone needs to give you a push or hold your hand. I do hope people like Arooj Aftab can come back to Pakistan since it’s about time we bring our talent back home start appreciating and supporting them so they can nurture more people like them who are lacking opportunity.

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 Arooj Aftab

 Arooj Aftab
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