The Reluctant Fundamentalist Music

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The Reluctant Fundamentalist Music
Mohsin Hameed has come a long way from Moth Smoke to The Reluctant Fundamentalist but here for different reason not to discuss the literary skills but the soulful music featured in directorial venture by Mira Nair. 14 track album with 5 songs highlighting pure Pakistani talent.

Wikipedia: Mohsin Hameed

1. Mori Araj Suno by Atif Aslam:

Atif Aslam for me has always been the man with The Midas Touch his rendition of Mori Araj Suno leaves one in awe. Atif Aslam fan base has yet to come out of the closet; it’s just like early days of Backstreet Boys everybody listened to them but certainly damned if caught humming them out in public. Respect for him; partly for the music he creates and partly for nationalistic point since apart from match fixers and Bin Laden’s he’s the kind of person I would like to associate Pakistan with. Message to Pink Floyd worshippers do respect your own talent.

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 Atif Aslam and The The Reluctant Fundamentalist

2. Bijli Aaye Ya Na Aaye by Meesha Shafi:

Is it just me or Meesha Shafi is the hottest thing out there right now. It’s like if you want a hit get your hands on Meesha Shafi from modeling, singing to acting she’s got everything going her way. Big fan of Overload and considering the absurd rift between Farhad Humayun and Meesha Shafi did assume that Meesha is down and out but turned the other way around looks like not the music critic I thought I was and quoting Meesha Wolves don't lose sleep over the opinion of sheep". Coming bank to Bijli Aaye Ya Na Aaye Dhol Bajay Ga easier said than done with this heat wave going around and constant load sheading drying up UPS batteries listening to this song lyrics irritated me more then to care for actual music. So moving on….

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 Meesha Shafi and The The Reluctant Fundamentalist

3. Dil Jalane Ki Baat by Ali Sethi:

Ok now Najam Sethi has a son Ali Sethi and he sings WHAT!!! Ali Sethi's a capella Dil Jalane Ki Baat definitely stands out short but influential this tracks has this ability to sink in if listened too many time but credit goes to Farida Khanum for coming up with such heart touching lyrics. If only white people can understand Urdu lyrics then they would figure out why we think so deep. Who need drugs if you have songs like these to trip over.

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 Ali Sethi and The The Reluctant Fundamentalist

4. Kangna by Fareed Ayaz & Abu Muhammad:

Kangana by Fareed Ayaz & Abu Muhammad straight out of Coke studio. Kangna - written by sufi poets Mirza Qateel and Bedam Shah Warsi - had been performed in Khanqahs and Dargahs in different parts of the subcontinent. If West has their Tiesto’s and DJ’s we have our Qawals they can put you into trance at will. Kangna is like a roller coaster ride but synchronized takes you up in down in pure harmony.

Wikipedia: Fareed Ayaz

 Fareed Ayaz - Abu Muhammad and The The Reluctant Fundamentalist

5. Kaindey Ney by Zahra Khan:

Kaindey Ney by Zahra Khan; acoustic , raw vocals singing a Punjabi track for me it’s always been best of the combinations.

 Mohsin Hameed - Zahra Khan and The The Reluctant Fundamentalist

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