Haal Ab Tak Wohi Hai by Laal

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Progressiveness of Habib Jalib and his far sightedness is something no person can deny and lyrically this track depicts 1947 to current day Pakistan as elite class have created a state within a state but they tend to forget that they too are people of this country and if not for Pakistan their material superiority is nothing. Laal delivers a heartfelt performance of this lyrical ingenuity.

Laal Band - Controversy: It was reported on 6 June 2014 that the official Facebook page of the band has been blocked by the Facebook at the request of the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority. Taimur Rahman the vocalist and guitarist of the band said: “The ban was out of the blue and very shameful, there was no controversial entry in the past week that deserved a ban on the page. Our short comments on news clippings we post are usually those that are objected to by the majority of people.” The page, however, was restored later. Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, on other hand, denied that they requested for blocking.

Song Credits:

  • Lyrics: Habib Jalib


حال اب تک وہی ہیں فقیروں کے
دن پھرے ہیں فقط وزیروں کے
ہر بلاول ہے دیس کا مقروض
پاؤں ننگے ہیں بے نظیروں کے

Haal ab tak wahi hain gariboon kay
Din phiray hain faqat waziroan kay
her Bilawal hai Dais ka maqrooz
paoon nangay hain Benazeeroan kay

The status of the poor is still the same
the days of the ministers have indeed changed
every Bilawal (name of the only son of Benazir Bhutto) of the country is under debt
while Benazirs (i.e the poor) of the country walk without shoes


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