Aye Meri Sarzameen-e-Watan by Mehnaz Begum

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Traditional eastern classical instrumentation overlaid by brilliance of vocals and encapsulated by some very deep philosophical nationalistic poetry sums up Aye Meri Sarzameen-e-Watan by Mehnaz Begum. Love the grace of Mehnaz Begum as she stands and delivers a masterpiece.

Song Credits:

  • Poet: Masroor Anwer
  • Original by: Tahira Syed & Habib Wali Muhammad
  • Released: 1982

Mehnaz Begum (1958 – 19 January 2013): A Pakistani singer, well known for her film appearances. She sang a variety of genres but specialized in ghazal, thumri, dadra, khayal, drupad and reciting salam, noha and marsiya. She was the daughter of celebrated sub-continental singer Kajjan Begum and the famous government officer Abdullah Abdullah Tasnim, but when she realized fame, she changed her maiden name to Mehnaz.


Aye Meri Sarzameen-e-Watan
Tere Afkaar mai Be karaani rahay
Tera Kirdar Nighat fashani rahay
Teri Taqdeer mai Shadmani rahay
Ilm Daron mai Teri Jawani rahay
Tere Daryaaon mai woh Rawani rahay
Jis ke Markaz se Is Khitta-e-Pak ko
Log Kehtay hain Khuld-e-Bareen-e-Watan

Aye Meri Sarzameen-e-Watan

Tere Kohsaar Sona Ugaltay Rahain
Tere Ban Phoolaty aur Phaltay rahain
Tere Qadmon mai Chashmay Ubaltay rahain
Tere Mathay pe Suraj Nikaltay rahain
Tere Dushman Sada Hath Maltay rahain
Teri Wus'at yoon lain Hum Watan
Jese Peetay hon Log Angbeen-e-Watan
Aye Meri Sarzameen-e-Watan
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