Hamara Parcham Yeh Pyara Parcham by Naheed Akhtar

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This track is dedicated to the White and Green flag of Pakistan; with Green representing the Islam and the majority Muslims in Pakistan and the white stripe representing religious minorities and minority religions. In the center, the crescent and star symbolizes progress and light respectively. The flag symbolizes Pakistan's commitment to Islam and the rights of religious minorities. Poetry of the track is so inspirational that is creates an essence of love and devotion for this country.

Song Credits:

  • Poet : Saif Zulfi
  • Music : Khalil Ahmed
  • Released : 1988

Naheed Akhtar (or Nahid Akhtar): A Pakistani playback singer. She was discovered by veteran musician M. Ashraf in the mid-1970s. Naheed Akhtar was a replacement of Runa Laila, who had left Pakistan the same year. Her debut film was Nanha Farishta in 1974 and that year she sang songs in the film Shama.

Nahid Akhtar was discovered by veteran musician. M. Ashraf as a teenage sensation in the mid 70s. Nahid Akhter became a threat to Madam Noor Jehan and for a while she dominated Urdu film music. Naheed Akhtar was a successful replacement for Runa Laila who left Pakistan same year. Inaugural released film was "Nanha Farishta" in 1974 and in the same year she climbs to the top with super hit songs in film "Shama". Her stylistic mastery and trademarked television appearances continued through the 1970s. Increasingly, though, her attention was turned to the cinema. Films became the topmost priority to Nahid while television went down to the next level. She was very talented singer. She was very popular in Pakistan. She was married with journalist Asif Ali Pota in the mid 80s and then she left the film scene.


Yeh Chaand taray ka jhilmilta........................nayara parcham
Hamara Parcham Yeh Pyara Parcham
Sab Parchamon mai Azeem Parcham
Ata-e-Rabb-e-Karim Parcham
Hamara Parcham Yeh Pyara Parcham
Faza mai nagmay luta raha hai
Shaoor-e-Millat pe chha raha hai
Dil-o-Nazar mai sama raha hai
Tamam Alam pe Chha raha hai
Azeem Millat Azeem Parcham
Ata-e-Rabb-e-Karim Parcham
Hamara Parcham Yeh Pyara Parcham
Yahi Nishan-e-Hasham hamara
Yahi hai Abr-e-Karam hamara
Yeh jaa'n hamari Yeh Dum hamara
Rahay ga ooncha Alum hamara
Alam Hara Azeem Parcham
Ata-e-Rabb-e-Karim Parcham
Hamara Parcham Yeh Pyara Parcham
Hamari Azmat ka pasban hai
Hamari Rif'at ka turjuma'n hai
Hamaray ehsaas ka baya'n hai
Barang-e-Mauj-e-Naseem Parcham
Ata-e-Rabb-e-Karim Parcham
Hamara Parcham Yeh Pyara Parcham

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