What is the true beauty of a woman?

 By: Batool Raza  Date:
What is the true beauty of a woman?
Twenty first century has ushered alarming dimensions in our world where beauty is solely linked to aesthetics of a women. Being beautiful is only considered viable if you are slim, fair and tall- what about the real indicators of beauty? Have we lost them somewhere on our way to run after artificial beauty characteristics?

Unfortunately, this is the harsh reality! The true beauty has transformed its meaning today. A young girl with dark complexion but beautiful mind and heart will be considered inferior to a fair girl who might be arrogant or even rude. There is no value of being humble, passionate, kind, and modest or having a beautiful heart, soul and mind. The only thing which matters is the outer appearance! Nobody looks into her soul and her mind.

This has compelled the girls to run in the marathon which is absolutely unwanted and redundant. Today, girls focus more on their makeup and weight rather than developing their soul, mind and knowledge. Unnecessary diet plans, plastic surgeries, weight loss pills ,hunger attempts leading to starvation, depression, anxiety, social guilt, anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, over painting of faces with harmful chemicals and weight loss surgeries are carried out to develop externally and look attractive, but is that the real beauty?

The rise of the “size zero” concept has coincided with women’s political and legal liberation, and has intensified as women’s other freedoms (and therefore their threat to the established order of society) have grown as it has dramatically proved to be successful. The obsession of having a slim figure has raised to such extent that inability to reach targets lead to severe depression, severe anxiety and in extreme case- it leads to suicide attempts.

Another disaster is the drastic hype of plastic surgeries used unnecessarily to merely glamorize and normalize superhumanly (inhumanly) perfect beauty and to cast femaleness as ugliness as sickness, because today they can make money performing unnecessary surgery on perfectly healthy women, merely to “beautify” them. Cosmetic surgeries conducted unnecessarily to apparently beautify are terribly dangerous and sometimes they are even experimental. The apparent doctors, who must promise first and foremost to do nothing wrong carry out unnecessary and dangerous procedures Since 2010, there is a drastic increase in the number of cosmetic surgeries that is 45% jump which shows us a glimpse into the predicted horrifying tomorrow for women.

Lets deeply analyze, who is to benefit from all this? Yes, the capitalist society which will sell the falsely labeled whitening creams, chemically filled cosmetics to paint over faces, the media which has objectified women, cosmetic surgeons, pharmaceuticals and advertisers to run their businesses. The capitalist society has created false perceptions of beauty to sell their products and run their business successfully to gain profits. They oppress and control women by imposing their external beauty requirements. They try to fully exploit women of today’s era.

Let’s change perceptions by promoting the real beauty indicators of beautiful mind soul and heart. We together can show the world that women are not tools of making money. Beauty should be based on behavior, not just appearance. We need to celebrate ourselves and our bodies by valuing them as they are. We need to understand that true beauty is the result of spiritual nobility; the inner beauty will make the outer face shine with her goodness. We need to progress, grow and shine in wisdom and intelligence. We do not have to hurt ourselves with useless efforts to cater to the man made version of beauty, and hush away all the human vices and evils like jealousy, pride, greed and ill will to excel spiritually.
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