The Curse of Karo Kari

 By: Urooba Tasneem  Date:
The Curse of Karo Kari

In Pakistan, especially in interior-sindh the so called honor killings are locally known as karo kari. It is a compound word literally meaning “black male” (karo) and black female (kari) in which the person is killed for his or her actual or perceived immoral behavior. Such “immoral behavior” may take the form of alleged marital infidelity, refusal to submit to an arrange marriage, demanding a divorce, perceived flirtatious behavior and being raped. Suspicion and accusations alone are many times enough to defile a family’s honor and therefore enough to warrant the killing of the woman.

Honour killing is seen as a part of religious right (although no religion accepts such ruling) .The Muslim practice is entirely different and complicated which involves many of legislative affairs (such as witnesses, character of witness, scene of crime, local and personal reports etc) and hardly a judge can issue such a death sentence. But in the name of honor killing “MAN” has to kill and appear before the court admitting the kill, this way his sentence can be reduced or family of the victim can be paid blood money or ordinarily be forgiven by the family members of the victim which happens in most of the cases reported for such crime. Such practice is very cruel and unfortunately backed by local tribesmen, politicians although they officially deny such reports and issue statements but in reality they do not play their active role to end it.

The latest incident reported from Naudero, Larkana of a newlywed girl aged 18 years old being killed in the name of honour, in the home town of the ruling Sindh Government, where former Prime minister’s house is located, and as such criminals get away with murder and just claim another “Karo-Kari” as it just sounds better than being termed as Murder.

The American Press after the 9/11 attacks did a research and found out that Americans are less concerned with the term “Collateral Damage” then the correct term for it being “Human Casualties”, makes it less human, such is the term for this Heinous Crime “Karo-Kari” which should be changed to “Murder” to make it a more serious crime in the eyes of the public.

People come out to the streets to protest against Drones, Corruption, Election related issue it’s about time that people should take this in human act of karo-kari seriously and protest against it and put a stop to it. As no one has the right to kill anyone for acts like refusal to submit to an arrange marriage, demanding a divorce and perceived flirtatious behavior.

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