Role of Pakistani Singers in the War of 1965

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Role of Pakistani Singers in the War of 1965
National songs not only represent the true sentiments of any nation but motivate them during peace time and doubly so during the war times as well. They are made by keeping in mind and in check the true national aspirations of the nation and its people. Especially with context to war time activities, these songs presents a brave face of the people of a nation and propels them to use their energy towards war time constructive effort in their own personal capacity.

These war songs act as a catalyst to stimulate and bring out the patriotism and to inspire as well as to cheer the fighting forces of a country. Good national war time songs are that which truly reflects and represents the emotional zeal and bind the nation united as one. It also evokes feeling of true love for the country coupled with unflinching pride in its institutions especially pertaining to those that defend it, like Army, Navy, Air force.

In a similar fashion, Pakistani singers also played their pivotal role in the 1965 war. They actively contributed and answered the call of Pakistan and stepped up to the task. Singers of top caliber such as Noor Jehan, Mehdi Hassan, Ahmed Rushdi, Alam Lohar, Saleem Raza and others played their part collectively to propel the nation forward and made them realize that we Pakistanis are equipped with self-confidence and unwavering faith and that Pakistani as a nation will not be undone by the evil and ill-willed designs of our enemy.

Who could forget when Madam Noor Jehan sang “Aye Watan ke Sajelay Jawano” penned by one of the great poets of Pakistan, Jamil-ud-Din Aali. When it used to be broadcasted via Radio Pakistan, dedicated to the Pak Armed Forces who were bravely defending the borders of Pakistan it used to send waves of patriotism and national fervor down the spines of many Pakistanis regardless of their ethnicity, religious or political affiliations and background.

In 1965, thanks to these songs, it enables the common Pakistani to amass feats of great and unrivaled courage when it came to defend their homeland. It inspired Pak Army and its brave soldiers to show even more feats of unprecedented valor in the battlefield. In essence, these Pakistani singers paid a great service to their nation in those testing and hard times, they rose to the occasion when their country called and sure enough they hearkened.

Even today when these songs are played during National Independence Day or any other national holidays such as 23rd March for example, they once again rekindle the same spirit of 1965. It allowed and enables us to reminisce and feel nostalgic about how these songs aided us to defeat an enemy several times over our size. While it is true, that ever since the war of ’65 ended, many new singers have emerged and sung many great national songs such as Vital Sign’s Dil Dil Pakistan and Junnon’s Aye Jazba Junnon but those 1965 remains classic and evergreen songs sung by our best singers who were cream of the crop back in that golden era.

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